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"2OO1" in 7OMM sells out at the ARCADIA

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by:  Francesco Gualeni Date: 25.03.2017
Discovery One on Jupiter Mission on Arcadia's impressive 30 meter screen - in blazing Super Panavision 70mm format. "2OO1: A Space Odyssey" copyright MGM / Warner Brothers 1968 Photo by: Alberto Lagomaggiore

To continue celebration activities of the 20th Anniversary of ARCADIA Cinema Melzo-Milan’s opening, three special monthly 70MM screenings of Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece "2OO1: A Space Odyssey" are being held in ENERGIA auditorium on three different days: Saturday February 11th, Saturday March 11th and upcoming Saturday April 8th, 2017.

I’ve attended the first of the three screenings, the one on Saturday February 11th, 2017.

The 70MM print, in Italian dubbed with magnetic sound, was firstly screened by ARCADIA’s owner Piero Fumagalli in 2001, when producer Mr. Jan Harlan had come to ARCADIA for a special Introduction and Q&A with the audience.

The auditorium was fully booked. Laura Fumagalli, as always, has made a special warm Welcome introduction to explain why they had decided to screen again 2001 in 70MM, the mission of
Arcadia is always to give the audience the best Cinema Experience for each movie presentation and 70MM projections are always very special.

The print is still in a very good condition with full color spectrum and the big red eye of HAL9000 filled the 30 meter wide ENERGY screen in all of its magnitude.

It is always such an emotion to attend a screening of this masterpiece and the fact that it’s a 70MM projection truly amplifies this feeling.

The 630 patrons have experienced "2OO1" in a total Silence, almost Religious I would say, no mobile screen was turned on (very rare nowadays) aware that they were seeing not only a masterpiece on the huge ENERGY screen but a way to shoot & project the movie that is now vanishing. It was good to see a very diversified audience, with a lot of young generations that were seeing the movie for the very first time, most likely accompained by their grandparents/parents/cinema mentors.
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Internet link:

As always, during the intermission, a lot of us interested patrons were allowed to go up in the booth to admire the 70MM print on the Cinemeccanica projector and to exchange a brief chat with the 70MM projectionist, Mr Fumagalli himself, a true passionate of 70MM/Large format, as us.

Thank you ARCADIA to give us the best movie experiences ever possible !

Now we are looking forward to the next 70MM experience, Mr Nolan’s “Dunkirk” 70MM release in late August, here in Italy.

PS: It is curious to note that even an almost 50 years old movie (next year it will be 50th anniversary, since first release in 1968) is absolutely able to completely sold out such a large theatre as ENERGY”.
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Updated 21-01-24