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"Interstellar" Now Playing in 70MM

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: - Date: 09.11.2014

Rochester, USA

I had the good fortune to attend the first 70mm IMAX screening of Interstellar on Tuesday night at my local multiplex Cinemark Tinseltown, about a 10-minute drive from my home. Apparently they made a last-minute switch from digital IMAX to 70mm. Tickets went on sale for Tuesday and Wednesday night screenings last week, and the Google Interstellar site still listed Tinseltown as a digital IMAX theatre Tuesday night (it's since been changed).

When in the theater, the manager on duty poked his head in and told us that it was the first time the theatre ran film since The Dark Knight Rises. Everything went smoothly and the film was only enhanced in the 70mm IMAX format.

Unfortunately the local newspaper has essentially gotten rid of movie ads, so no 70mm ads to share, but I was able to get a few shots of Tinseltown's exterior from Tuesday. These printouts taped to the doors and ticket booths were the only notation of the 70mm print on the premises, as the theatre listed the film as IMAX on their ribbon board. Like the switch itself, these had to be a last-minute add.

Jim Barg, Rochester, USA
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"Interstellar" Goes IMAX 70MM and 5/70 MM

Internet link:

Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, USA

Interstellar is playing in 15perf 70mm Imax at Chinese TCL theatre in Hollywood, California. I just watched the film today and the presentation was incredible. I was left breathless.

Noah Katz

Seattle, USA

Advert from New York Post. Click to see enlargement

When I saw INTERSTELLAR Tuesday night at the Boeing IMAX, the “Master of Ceremonies” of the theatre spoke to the sold out (two weeks in advance) auditorium before the show. A helper held up one second’s worth of 35mm footage between his outstretched hands. Then the speaker held up one second’s worth of 70mm IMAX footage as it stretched from the top of his head to the floor! Everyone applauded.

Alas, this will be their final 70mm IMAX presentation as they prepare for a big renovation with new seating, interior appointments, sound upgrade and digital laser IMAX projector. <sigh>

Eric Carter, Seattle, USA

Elbeuf, France

I had a wonderful time yesterday night in Elbeuf watching "Interstellar" in 70mm. Excellent presentation. The film is great. The huge amount of amps fed to the 7K lamphouse create a slight vibration resulting in some barely perceptible flickering in the projected whites but I guess I'm the only one in the audience who noticed that. Alain is aware of it but hats off to him for running the show (and taking the extra time on that day to entirely recut an aperture frame to the correct ratio).

best regards
Jean-Marc, France
Elbeuf’s Grand Mercure Cinema, France’s only cinema theatre to be showing INTERSTELLAR in 70mm
Saturday 15th Nov 2014, I was there, again, for the screening of Interstellar (this screening was in the English version, with French sub-titles at 17h30). I really like this movie and my wife too. We were very happy again. Regards Luc

Yesterday, I went to Elbeuf in Haute-Normandie, France, some 150 km from south Paris, for the 14h00 screening of "Interstellar" in 70mm. It was great! The big screen is beautiful and the picture was clear and bright (a 7K lampehouse as said). The steadiness was... rock steady! No sound imperfection (DATASAT sound) and just loud as needed! :) Great show! Thanks to the team! Great film! Thanks to Mr Nolan! I went there with my familly (father, wife and dauhter). They found the screening great too. My conclusion: even people who are not aware about 70mm quality can find it, finally.

The bonus: visiting the booth is very kind from the team. I was at 50cm from the Interstellar print. I would have kiss it if I could !

Best regards,
Luc Barthelemy (still trying to make his 70mm short!)

There is a print in Elbeuf (it's Rouen suburbs) around 120km west of Paris, 1h30 drive. Projected on a DP70 with DATASAT sound at the correct level, crisp, bright and sharp picture. On an large screen. I've seen it last night, it was a fantastic experience! And it's an odd place! Because this is a really small town! When I got there last night, most things were closed, except for a few kebabs! Times and booking.

Seul en France, Interstellar en 70mm à Elbeuf à seulement 1h30 de Paris, VO & VF, plus d'infos ici.

Jean-Luc Peart, Paris, France

Oakland, USA

Advert from Los Angeles Times. Click to see enlargement

Test run Tuesday morning went well though found a crackle in the right channel. Was coming from the DTS XD10 player. I had a spare and swapped it out. All is better now. Several other places are having sound dropouts due to missing timecode. There is about 8 feet at the end of reel 8a that the timecode goes solid black. Resumes at the beginning of reel 8b (mid reel splice). The newer XD10 units are better at dealing with this than the older 6 or 6Ds. There were similar problems with The Master prints. Datasat made special disks for theatres using the 6 or 6D models that had special software on them so the units would keep playing longer with the lack of timecode. I would have thought that the would have learned something from that.

I have heard for someone that attended a press screen in San Francisco at the Metreon 15/70mm Imax that they lost sound 2 hours in. After a long delay they started back up but lost sound again. They gave up at that point and said that they would have to come back tomorrow. A lot of the reviewers had deadlines that night.

So far at the Grand Lake other than the issue we caught at the test run all is running well. No sound dropouts. We had 446 tickets sold for the Tuesday night screening. About 2/3 full. The California Theatre in Berkeley running a 35mm print had a little over 300 about half full. The Cerrito in El Cerrito running a 35 mm print was about half full at 75-80. I don't have any info on the Imax houses or 35mm San Francisco attendance. So far all our shows have been less since Tuesday night. Reaction is mixed. Some like it, some think it is slow and too long.

They overnighted me a 70mm trailer of Inherent Vice. I added it yesterday morning. Looks like we are going to get a 70mm print of it. Weinstein is sending someone to check us out in prep for the Tarentino film Hateful Eight. I am running a digital trailer for the Hateful Eight because at the end it says see it in Glorious 70mm. I then changeover to the 70mm. Wish they had sent a 70mm trailer for it.

Stephan, Grand Lake, Oakland, USA

Bradford, England

Just went through a wormhole and then through a black hole - can we do that again please? WOW - two thumbs up for Nolan's use of IMAX - after having seen it as a 4K DCP I wasn't too sure whether or not to like the film. The IMAX experience now made me falling in love with the film by putting everything into the right perspective. My only complaint: why did he not shoot the whole film in IMAX? To sum it up: if you have not seen INTERSTELLAR in IMAX 15/70 you haven't seen it at all.

Wolfram Hannemann,


Odeon Leicester Sq, London

Click the image to see enlargement


Hi! I really love the great work that you do with your website. I just walked by the Odeon Cinema on Leicester Square London and I found these signs hanging outside informing they're currently screening "Interstellar" on 4K instead of 70mm for a technical issue with their projector. I have no idea if that just happened today or if it has been a while, but I thought you might have wanted to know about it. So here you are.

Alberto, London

Just to let you know they are not showing "Interstellar" in 70mm at the Odeon L Square now due to a problem with the print, they are now screening from 4K DCP.

Derek Young, London

Editors note, the OLS was showing 70mm again Saturday 15. November.

Ziegfeld, New York

I liked it, would give it at least 3 stars in a review. I don't see it holding a candle to 70mm screenings of "2OO1", the best space movie ever in my opinion, but perhaps that's too much of a goal.

Full story: "Interstellar" in 70MM at the Ziegfeld in New York

Howard B. Haas, Philadelphia, USA

I could find nothing that suggested the film was being shown in 70mm other than the generic posters. Picture quality was superb, reel changes went without a hitch (automated?), about 1/3 full for the 6:45 pm showing on Sunday.

• Go to Dennis Furbush's Gallery: "Interstellar" in 70MM at the Ziegfeld in New York, November 2014

Dennis Furbush, New York

CINEMA CITY FLORA IMAX in Praha/Czech Republic

I only want to inform you that INTERSTELLAR in 70mm IMAX is also playing at CINEMA CITY FLORA IMAX in Praha/Czech Republic since Thursday Nov. 6th.

It is an wonderful experience in sound and vision on the full screen. The best I have seen since MISSION IMPOSSIBLE-GHOST PROTOCOL IN 70mm IMAX at the CINEMA CITY FLORA IMAX.

Greetings from Vienna
Leo Moser, Film Publicist, 1090 Vienna
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