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Help Needed to Finish the Ultimate Analog Short Film
"Nothing Ventured // Intet Vover: A new and exciting noir-short-film, shot on four different analog film formats: super 8, super 16, 35mm, and glorious 65mm film."

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Director and Writer Jesper Tønnes, and the team behind NOTHING VENTURED. Date: 09.05.2022
"Intet Vover // Nothing Ventured" in four chapters. Chapter 1 in Super 8 film (completed), chapter 2 in Super 16 (completed) and chapter 3 & 4 to be shot on 35mm & 65mm Film: FINANCING NEEDED

A new and ambitious noir film - that shows the true potiential of Kodaks analog film formats! "Nothing Ventured" // "Intet Vover": a new and exciting noir-short-film, shot on four different analog film formats: super 8, super 16, 35mm, and glorious 65mm film.

"Intet vover, intet vinder" is a Danish saying that means "Nothing ventured, nothing gained". This saying perfectly encapsulates this film-project, not only regarding the story but also the way we bring it to life. In the noir underbelly of Copenhagen, we follow a mysterious red suitcase on a dramatic journey over the course of a day, changing a young woman's life forever. It is a story about taking the chance of a lifetime, wrapped in a declaration of love for crime films, analog film formats, and a reminder of why it's important to look back at our film traditions when exploring the future of the art form.

• Go to "Nothing Ventured" on kickstarter.com
• Go to Logmar's hand-held 65mm Camera
• Go to biografmuseet.dk: "Intet Vover"

In "Nothing Ventured" we follow a mysterious red suitcase through the different chapters. Director and Writer Jesper Tønnes has been exploring Kodaks analog film-formats for several years, and has always dreamed of bringing them together in one complete story.

"I'm a child of the VHS era. Even though I was born in 1990, analog film was almost completely removed as a tool when I entered the film industry. We are a whole generation of filmmakers who have never had "real film" in our hands, even though it's the foundation of our craft film. Through 'INTET VOVER,' we want to bring filmmakers together, old and young, to make sure we keep the analog film craft alive." - Jesper Tønnes

General information about the film:

• Will be 25 minutes long, estimated.
• The first two chapters have already been shot.
• The Danish title is "Intet Vover", and the English titel is "Nothing Ventured"
• The film will be shot entirely on analog film (Super 8, Super 16, 35mm & 65mm film)
• Created by a professional crew of filmmakers, and actors who all work for free.
• Will be finished October 2023
• Attending film festivals from October 2023 to May 2024.
• Released on YouTube, May 2024 (Estimated)

We have already shot the first two chapters of the film. This campaign aims to raise 8,000 USD / 55,000 DKK / 7,382 EUR. This is the lowest amount we need to finish the film. - The money will be spent to produce the last two chapters of NOTHING VENTURED. Chapter 3, and Chapter 4 shot on 35mm and 65mm film. The money will mostly cover the costs of analog film and its development but also make it possible for us to get the legendary ARRI 765 (the 65mm camera) from Arri Rental in Munich to Denmark. (It's 1000km / 622miles of driving for our wonderful Arri camera technician)

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Logmar Camera Solutions premieres a new hand-held 65mm Camera

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Peripheral Vision, Scopes, Dimensions and Panoramas

The different sizes of analog formats that will be used in "Nothing Ventured / Intet Vover": 8mm, 16mm, 35mm and 65mm

If we should be lucky enough to raise more money than our goal, it will only make the film better. This would give us the possibility to be even more creative, and spend more time on each frame of the film. If there's one thing we have already learned on this project, every inch of film counts!

More support = More feet of analog film = More ambitious creativity = Better film.

Like many crime/noir films before it, "Nothing Ventured" will be told through chapters, four chapters to be exact. The special thing about this film is that every time we change switch chapter, we also switch the film format. The film will start in Super 8, and end with 65mm film.

"There's something truly unique about the look and feel of analog film. We want to make a film that shows how the different film types/formats not only influence the visual representation of the film but also the story. Each time the film cuts between chapters, we change format, and the film evolves with that change visually and emotionally. It will be like attending a concert that starts with a 3-piece rock band and slowly turns into a huge symphony orchestra." - Jesper Tønnes

"Intet Vover // Nothing Ventured" has a cast of legendary Danish actors, who’s credits range from award winning feature films to big international TV-series.

• Jens Jørgen Spottag (Worlds Apart, The Idiots, Een Gang Strømer)
• Maria Erwolter (Copenhagen Cowboy, 1899, Pusher 2)
• Nicolas Bro ( War Horse, Riders Of Justice, Antboy, Kings Game)
• Ali Najei (Shorta, Nordvest, Alfa)
• Bo Thomas (The Last Padawan, Arn, Hamilton, Gamle Mænd I Nye Biler)
• Jonathan Harboe (Alfa, Darkland, Dopamin, Sjit Happens)
And many, many more.

• 8.000 USD / 55.000 DKK. We can finish the film!
• 15.000 USD / 100.000 DKK. The gate is clean and there's enough film to be even more creative. More film, betters lights, props, and yes.. more crane shots!
• 25.000 USD / 170.000 DKK. Cut! Check the gate! Print that! No really! Let's make a 35mm print of the entire film. We'll show it to everyone who want's to see.

We have the entire post-production-pipeline ready to finish the film by October 2023. That's also mean when we'll start inviting you to screenings, premieres and online view-parties by October 2023. The film will be released for all on YouTube and Vimeo in May of 2024.

As a declaration for, the love of filmmaking, Danish film and Nordic Noir traditions, each chapter of "Intet Vover" is shot on a different analog film format. Super 8, 16mm, 35mm and lastly 65mm. This makes “Intet Vover” the first short film IN THE WORLD that can show all the formats in a short, 25 minute, action packed experience.


CHAPTER 1 - Shot on SUPER 8 film (Already shot)
In Chapter 1, we follow Fixer, who has to pick up a mysterious red suitcase from a local group of henchmen. The problem is that they two guys guarding the suitcase have looked inside. This instantly triggers a debate about ownership. A debate Fixer must solve with his fists, while demonstrating exactly how he earned his nickname. - It's an Tarantino-esque pub drama with roots in "Sergio Leone westerns", and Kung-Fu-films.

CHAPTER 2 - Shot on SUPER 16 - (Already shot)
In Chapter 2, we are introduced to Fixer's "partner in crime"; Søren. The two men stand at a crossroads. They can deliver the red suitcase to their boss, pay off their debts, and start a retirement worthy of two criminal gentlemen. Or... Søren can steal the suitcase for himself - or rather, for his neglected daughter; Anna. The question is "What matters most?": His friendship, his retirement or his daughter's future? With his life on the line, Søren steals the suitcase, hunted now by both friends and enemies. - It's an action-packed Danish Noir story with undertones of "The French Connection," "The Third Man," and "Casablanca."

CHAPTER 3 & 4 - Shot on 35mm & 65mm Film - FINANCING NEEDED

In the 3rd and 4th chapters, the red suitcase arrives at Anne's doorstep. She's a young woman caught in an endless spiral of bad decisions and wrong friends. She lives a life as a prostitute, but when the red suitcase arrives at her door, she realizes it's her way out. It won't be easy though. First, she has to get past Fixer, who's been tracking down the suitcases and won't let it go without a fight! - It's a personal, modern Nordic Noir with suspense and dangerous glances to both "Chinatown" and "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" series.

These last two chapters are where the analog formats will show their true strengths. We can't wait to show you the iconic look of 35mm and the epicness of 65mm. It's a thrilling story, all shot on professional ARRI cameras, handled by true artists in their craft. We have received a lot of help from ARRI and KODAK, but without your support, we won't be able to make this last part of our story happen!

By supporting our crowd funding campaign, you will help us bring this unique short film to life, allowing us to continue the legacy of analog film and explore new storytelling techniques. Help us tell this unforgettable story and create an immersive cinematic experience that will stay with you long after the credits roll. Let's make FILM HISTORY together! Remember, "hvo intet vover, intet vinder" - if you want to achieve something, you have to be willing to take risks. Join us in taking that risk and support "Intet Vover // Nothing Ventured" today.

Every little bit of help counts. If you can share the project with friends it would mean a lot! You can also follow the project on YouTube. This is also where the film will be released when it has completed its film-festival-run.

• Go to "Nothing Ventured" on kickstarter.com
• Go to Rebel Pictures YouTube Channel

You can also follow the team on instagram here:

Rebel Pictures @rebelpicturesdk
Jesper Tønnes (Film writer/Director) @Jespertoennes
Anders Lindved (Director of Photography) @alindved
Jacob Jayantha (Film Producer) @jacobjayantha

Thank you so much for showing interest in our film. We hope that you want to part of this analog adventure! Remember to reach out if you have any questions. Best regards Jesper Tønnes, and the team behind NOTHING VENTURED.
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Updated 12-05-23