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Logmar Camera Solutions premieres a new hand-held 65mm Camera
The Light-weight Hand-held
"Magellan" 65mm Camera - Made in Denmark

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Thomas Hauerslev & Tommy Madsen, Chief Engineer and designer of Logmar Camera Solutions Date: 01.05.2018
Logmar Camera Solutions' Tommy Madsen and the Magellan 65mm camera SN. #001. The camera will be presented to the public, at the CineGear Expo in Los Angeles, CA, in May 2018. Picture by Orla Nielsen

Logmar Camera Solutions is proud to present a new all-purpose hand-held 65mm camera. The new "Magellan" 65mm camera will be presented to the public at the CineGear Expo in Los Angeles, CA, USA in May 2018. Come and meet us between 31. May and 3. June 2018.

• Go to Designing Logmar's ultra-light Magellan 65 Camera

Since 1955, a 70mm presentation in the cinema has been associated with the very best visual and audio quality the audience could get. The Logmar Camera Solutions' "Magellan" 65mm camera is the latest addition to a long line of 65mm cameras designed to serve the motion picture industry. Todd-AO, Super Panavision 70, CINERAMA and IMAX are examples of well known camera systems which have been used to photograph unforgettable musicals and epics like "The Sound of Music", "2OO1: A Space Odyssey" and "How the West Was Won", and recent blockbusters like "The Hateful Eight" and "Dunkirk". Remarkable films, all of which have been photographed on large format film.

The Logmar Camera Solutions "Magellan" is a brand-new, fully electronic, hand-held and ultra-light all purpose camera which will take large format 65mm photography to a new level. Thanks to its light weight and small dimensions the possibilities with the "Magellan" are only limited by the imagination of the director of photography. This entirely new 65mm camera has been designed and manufactured completely from the ground up by Logmar Camera Solutions. The camera is Made in Denmark by Camera Engineer Tommy Madsen (CEO Logmar Camera Solutions), Frederikshavn, Denmark.

The Magellan 65mm camera is built for low carry weight and ease of use. The built-in Asahi-Kasai Velvet sound 32bit stereo codec achieves 121dB dynamic range from the 5-pin stereo XLR port on the side of the camera and recordings are stored either internally in the camera or on external USB 3 storage media such as a flash pen or similar. Monitor audio is made available via Bluetooth Classic so that you can sync up your favorite headset to the camera and keep yourself untangled from the wire monster.
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Designing Logmar's ultra-light Magellan 65 Camera

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Internet link:

Logmar Camera Solutions IVS
Silovej 8, 2.
DK-9900 Frederikshavn

+45 93 98 08 50



The Lightest And Most Compact 65mm Camera On Earth. Weighing in less than 12kg (26lbs) in a ready to shoot configuration including lens, film and battery the camera frees you to explore new angles and possibilities, making the camera point of view the center of the scene.

Weighing in less than 12kg (26lbs) in a ready-to-shoot configuration including lens, film and battery the camera frees you to explore new angles and possibilities, making the camera point of view the center of the scene. Plus, you no longer have to worry about chiropractor appointments at the end of your shift. The Magellan camera is an engineering masterpiece that perfectly marries the best digital technology with the characteristic look and feel of 65mm film whose visual strength and dynamic range supersedes all other formats-from grand panoramic scenes to the intimate close ups that says it all.

All elements of the camera were designed with the user in mind, from the run buttons conveniently placed on the left and right side of the camera to the integrated carry handle on the camera body and the attachable carry handle on the magazine making it easy to transport magazines to and from the camera. The jog wheel allows camera setup through the HDMI viewfinder output on top of the camera and the loading button in the middle unlocks access to the film path and allows removal of the top-hat for easy threading.

With the film door open and the top-hat removed you have quick access to the film path where the experienced user will notice a set-screw for pitch adjustment, the loading button which opens the rollers, pushes back the pressure-plate and retracts the registration pins.

The Magellan sports a built-in 15mm rod rigging system as well as integrated stand, tripod mount and carry handle. The camera has several add-on options some of which can be enabled on-site by the user via purchased install codes typed in via the jog-wheel.
Ultra-sharp Carl Zeiss optics from Victor Hasselblad. A complete range of Carl Zeiss medium format lenses are available for the camera spanning the range from 30mm to 500mm, and ranging from Distagon to Planar and Sonnar.

The key features of the "Magellan":
• Hand-held all-purpose 65mm camera
• Light-weight - only 12 kilo with 500 foot of 65mm film
• Fully electronic controlled
• Digital reflex view finder
• Dual claw & pin registration with 180 degree fixed guillotine shutter for optimum light and motion balance.
• The Magellan camera uploads previews to the internet for remote viewing off-site (requires optional feature codes)
• The Magellan camera allows both hardware and software upgrading as well as feature unlocking on-demand
• Built-in Bluetooth & WiFi 2G/5G
• Highest fidelity
• Wireless headphone support
• Integrated 15mm small rig mount on top of the camera for easy attachment of matte box and accessories

More specifications in the table below

The dual claw and pin registration unit which also encompasses a unique pressure plate allows best in class film stability built around Logmar Camera Solutions unique intellectual property. Every aspect can be fine-tuned from the pitch angle of the pin to the perf guidance. The HDMI output is available as either an extremely low light sensitive Full HD solution or a higher resolution Ultra-HD 4K option with more detail. The Side LCD and six function buttons allows quick setup of the camera and checking of film capacity as well as running statistics in addition to the viewfinder.

• Go to The Magellan 65 Camera

• Go to Behind the scenes with Tommy Madsen, CEO Logmar

Option Code Description

• PVR - Preview Recording – allows recording of viewfinder to USB3 SuperSpeed media (Records one file per film recording scene)

• BOX - Dropbox Integration – In combination with PVR allows upload of viewfinder recordings directly to Dropbox via the built in 2G or 5G Wi-Fi connection (requires a tethered phone or internet enabled access point)

• VMR - Video Mirroring – Allows viewfinder mirroring via Wi-Fi to a remote screen

• RNT - Rental Mode – Makes it easier for a rental house to manage the camera rental by allowing X amount of film based usage by install codes

• TRG - Automatic Triggering of the camera via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It is also possible to trigger several cameras simultaneously or selectively with this feature.

• UHD - Ultra-HD 4K viewfinder

Technical specifications of the Magellan 65mm camera

Item Details Notes
Film gauge / Recording format
65mm, 5-perforation pull-down
Eastman Kodak negative film
Camera aperture
2.072" x .906" for 65mm spherical
70mm release prints 2,21:1
• 400 / 500 ft magazine (4 minutes running time)
Top mounted

• 1000 ft (305 meters) magazine (8 min running time) available with the Magellan Mark II
Lens mount
Hasselblad / Carl Zeiss  
Film speed range
Forward run 2 - 54fps
Guillotine shutter 180° Fixed angle
Dual claw & pin registration with 180 degree fixed guillotine shutter for optimum light and motion balance.
Sound level
Target is 25dB/A
Temperature range
-20°C to +50°C (-4°F to 122°F)
Wireless connectivity Bluetooth Classic
Bluetooth Low Energy
Wi-Fi 2.4GHz and 5GHz

Wired connectivity
HDMI up to 4K UHD for viewfinder
2x USB-3 Super Speed host ports
1x USB-2 Device port
1x 5pin XLR stereo audio input
1x Power input port
View Finder
HDMI with standard 1080p60, or UHD 4K optional
Height: 350mm
Width: 300mm
Length: 460mm

Including magazine, filter/shade and  view finder
Height: 170mm
Width: 155mm
Length: 335mm

Excluding magazine, filter/shade and view finder
12kg / 26lbs with body & finder
Loaded 500ft magazine
Battery connection
14.8V Lithium Ion smart battery from CORESWX compliant to IATA flight regulations.
FCC and CE

About Logmar, Contact & People

Tommy Madsen, Chief Engineer and designer of the Logmar Camera Solutions Magellan camera system and Orla Nielsen, Product Test Manager. Picture by Orla Nielsen

Logmar camera solutions was formed in 2013 on the premise that film was not dead by any means. We disrupted the market in 2014 by bringing out the first super 8mm camera in more than 30 years which received  acclaim as the highest image fidelity camera ever manufactured for the format due to its unique pressure plate and pin registration system. In 2015 we sold some of our 8mm intellectual property to a film manufacturer intending to build their own camera and we used the proceeds from this transaction to create the Magellan 65mm platform from which we plan to expand into the future.

Tommy Madsen - Chief Executive Officer. Logmar Camera Solutions, Denmark

e-mail: tommy@logmar.dk

Orla Nielsen, DoP, DFF - Director of Photography, and Product Test Manager, Logmar Camera Solutions, Denmark. Orla Nielsen has a background in motion picture photography, and cinema management.

e-mail: orla@logmar.dk

Rodolfo Zitellini, Chief Technology Officer

My lifelong passions are embedded computer systems and film photography. The opportunity and the challenge to work with my colleagues at Logmar is more than a dream come true. With our small yet dedicated and talented team we are set on full course to marry traditional film photography and modern computer technology, making it an appealable modern product.
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Updated 21-01-24