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in70mm.com, a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

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11th Todd-AO Festival at the Schauburg
October 9 - 11, 2015

The 70mm Newsletter
Written and organized by: Herbert Born & Thomas Hauerslev, Schauburg Cinerama Theatre, Karlsruhe, Germany Date: 10.05.2015. Updated 21-01-24
KARLSRUHE, June 2015 / in70mm.com news. We have launched the 11th instalment of the “Todd-AO 70mm Festival“ to be held from 9 - 11 October 2015 at the Schauburg Cinerama in Karlsruhe, Germany. For three days in October Filmtheater Schauburg celebrates the world of LARGE FORMAT film, by offering a series of epic films in 70mm - the HD of film formats.

Thursday Starter:
"MacKenna's Gold" + "Think Big"

Todd-AO Festival:
"Inherent Vice"
"The Great Race"
"In den Schuhen des Fischers"
"Battle of the Bulge"
"Signale - Ein Weltraumabenteuer"
"Camelot - Am Hofe König Arthurs"
"Let's Spend the Night Together"

We are proud to present the latest 70mm film and a some 70mm film classics which all proudly carry the names of large format film: DEFA 70, VistaVision, Sovscope 70, Panavision, IMAX and Ultra Panavision 70. We feel our 2015 program has it all: Space adventures, Musical, Drama, War, Nazis, Religion, Music, Songs, Mystery, Cars, Chases, Panzer, Adventure, Revenge and true love. Bring your family, your children, your grand mother to see the films again in a big cinema.

Join us and be part of this unique event and share the excitement together with visitors from all around the world - including Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, Denmark, England, USA, Sweden and France - and hopefully many more.

Some films are in their original English versions and some "70mm Vintage Classics", are dubbed into German. Due to the age of the prints, many have lost their color and are faded. But they are ORIGINAL premiere 70mm prints from the 1960s.

More in 70mm reading:

Todd-AO Festival Home
11. Todd-AO Festival
Wilkommen | Welcome
Intro | Festival Images
2015 Festival Flyer (PDF)

Festival Archives
Festival Through the Years
Festival S
chedule and Archive
More Schauburg Cinerama

Festivals in Pictures
Schauburg Cinerama
Best of Todd-AO Festival
Guests | Billboards | Posters

Internet link:
• Ticket reservation

Filmtheater Schauburg
Att: Herbert Born
Marienstraße 16
76137 Karlsruhe

Like all modern cinemas, The Schauburg enjoys the benefits and advantages of digital projection technology, but our "Todd-AO Festival" policy is simple, however. NO DIGITAL! No compromise at the Schauburg where 70mm is concerned! That is our Todd-AO Festival hall mark, as we honour 60 years of 70mm projectionist tradition, and present film as they were meant to be presented, on genuine 70MM film.

One of very few original cinemas, still equipped with 70mm projectors. The huge screen is 18 meters wide, curved and covered by a "Cinerama red" curtain. It’s the perfect framework to present 70mm in the splendour of 6-track magnetic sound. For 2015, a brand new Harkness screen will be installed prior to the festival. No expenses are spared to give you the very best experience.

• "in 70mm" is unlike anything you have ever seen - a High Definition movie experience with extremely sharp images and crystal clear 6 track stereo.
• "in 70mm" is very realistic, almost three dimensional and can make everything you have ever seen pale into insignificance. But don't take our word for it - come and see for your self.

All 70mm films will be projected by vintage and historically correct Philips DP70 and DP75 projectors. Magnetic sound by Dolby Laboratories sound equipment and state of the art Alcon speakers.

Herbert Born
Filmtheater Schauburg

Tickets will be available for purchase very soon. For more information about the film festival, including screening times, visit: www.schauburg.de and www.in70mm.com

Media contact; Herbert Born

70mm print of "Battle of the Bulge" being quality checked

Latest news:

• Go to "Drück aufs Knöpfchen, Max!“
• Go to
"Push the button Max!"
• Go to
Todd-AO Festival Film Introductions
• Go to Pictures: 11. Todd-AO 70mm-Festival 2015
Todd-AO Festival Preparations
Todd-AO Festival Flyer (PDF)
• August 31st instalment of new curtain machinery and instalment of new Curved Harkness 70mm Screen
• 20. August, 70mm prints have started to arrive and the projection team are quality checking each reel of vintage 70mm film which been brought out of the freezers.
"MacKenna's Gold" at the Schauburg
"Think Big" World Premiere Screening, 8. October 2015, Schauburg Cinerama, Karlsruhe
• August:
On line ticket reservation here
• During 2014 and 2015 The Schauburg has completed the task to install into an almost 100 year old Cinema operation building a modern air Ventilation/heating and air conditioning system according to modern requirements to high energy efficiency and efficient heat recovery. For 800.000 Euro Investment the Schauburg now carries an awarded GOLD RX system from Swedish manufacturer SWEGON with a Passive House Certificate from the Passive House Institute.
• Free WiFi for all guests at Todd-AO festival

Todd-AO Festival - Weekend 70MM Film Program
= German language version.


Thursday, 8. October 2015

The Schauburg Cinerama's practical information
• Weekend pass EURO 100,00 | Single entrance EURO 10,00 per show | Day-Pass: 40,00,
• GALA on Saturday evening EURO 11,00 (includes welcome drink)
• Students EURO 7,00 | Children EURO 5,00.
• Weekend-pass for students is Euro 70,00 | Day-Pass Students: 30,00

The weekend pass includes entrance to all screenings at the festival, the festival brochure. The Weekend Pass also includes the following additional bonuses:

• Welcome Coffee/Tee, Softdrink on arrival
• Festival Program brochure
• Entrance to Friday's get together with free beer specialties from the local HOEPFNER brewery
• Breakfast buffet on Saturday and Sunday morning at 09.00 in the SCHAUBURG Cinerama lounge
• Dinner break on Friday
• Complimentary lunch and dinner break on Saturday and Sunday
• Meet the film people

On line ticket reservation

21:00 - 21:19 "Think Big"
"Think Big" World Premiere Screening
D 2015. 2K DCP. 5.1 Audio. 1:2.39. Aspect Ratio. Color. German with bits of English. 19 mins. A Laser Hotline Production. A Film by Wolfram Hannemann

The Todd-AO Festival has become one of the most important festivals for 70mm films worldwide, luring audiences from all around the world each year into the unique Schauburg theatre! In this documentary German film maker Wolfram Hannemann is not only offering an inside view into the festival, but also gets the audience in front of the camera and lets them talk about their favorite subject.

21:20 - 23:28 "Mackenna's Gold"
Original title: Mackenna's Gold / USA 1969. Filmed in Super Panavision 70 (2,21:1) & Panavision 2,35:1. Presented in Anamorphic 35mm Technicolor 24 frames per second (2,35:1) / 4-track magnetic stereo. German version / 128 minutes. World premiere: 20.03.1969, City, Hamburg, Germany.

Projected with Schneider's Premiere ES Cinelux projection lens, with integrated anamorphic elements.

Directed by: J. Lee Thompson. Screenplay by: Carl Foreman, based on a novel by Will Henry. Produced by Carl Foreman & Dimitri Tiomkin. Music by Quincy Jones. Cinematography by Joseph MacDonald. Film Editing by Bill Lenny. Presented by Columbia Pictures.

Gregory Peck (Sheriff Mackenna), Omar Sharif (John Colorado), Telly Savalas (Sergeant Tibbs), Camilla Sparv (Inga Bergerman), Keenan Wynn (Sanchez), Ted Cassidy (Hachita), Julie Newmar (Hesh-Ke), Lee J. Cobb (The Editor), Raymond Massey (The Preacher), Burgess Meredith (The Storekeeper), Anthony Quayle (Older Englishman), Edward G. Robinson (Old Adams), Eli Wallach (Ben Baker)

Seventeen men and four women seek a legendary cache of gold in the territory of the rampaging Apaches. The colorful group includes MacKenna (Gregory Peck), a Marshall who knows the way and who--at any cost--must be kept alive by Colorado (Omar Sharif), the outlaw Chief.

Grammy Awards Nominated
• Best Original Score Written for a Motion Picture or Television Show
Quincy Jones

"MacKenna's Gold" at the Schauburg
A tribute to Howard Terpning

Friday, 9. October 2015

10:00 - 11:00 Festival Welcome
Festival Welcome with Coffee/Tea. Meet and greet friends of 70mm and curved screens. Talk about vinegar, pink prints and Big Bores.

See pictures from 10th Todd-AO Festival and a gallery of all past festivals on the ultra sharp and curved 78" 4K foyer screen.

This festival, dedicated to a movie format nearly 60 years old, is a dream for a lot of movie fans around the world. Today, movies and cinemas have reached a time of change – a change from film based to digital cinema and a change in the way movies are felt and understood. We are sure, that our “Todd-AO 70mm Festival” presented on the curved screen of the Schauburg not only will make you remember cinema-going from a time long ago, but also make you aware of the responsibility we all have: To honour the genius of so many people who have given us stories and unforgettable moments in breathtaking and crystal clear large format pictures.

Let us hope, that the splendour of 70mm not only serves our nostalgic dreams, but also offers the chance for a young audience to experience a historic and magic landmark of cinema.

Herbert Born
Schauburg Kino
Karlsruhe, Germany

11:00 - 12:33 "Signale - Ein Weltraumabenteuer"
Original title: "Signale - Ein Weltraumabenteuer" / Poland / DDR 1970. Filmed in DEFA 70 (2,21:1). Presented in DEFA 70mm (2,20:1) / 6 track magnetic stereo. 93 minutes / Original premiere print. World premiere: 17.12.1970.

Directed by Gottfried Kolditz. Screenplay by: Gottfried Kolditz, Carlos Rasch & C.U. Wiesner. Music by Karl-Ernst Sasse. Cinematography by Otto Hanisch. Film Editing by Helga Gentz

Piotr Pawlowski (Veikko), Evgeniy Zharikov (Pawel), Gojko Mitic (Terry), Alfred Müller (Konrad), Helmut Schreiber (Gaston), Irena Karel (Juana), Soheir El-Morshidy (Samira), Karin Ugowski (Krystina), Iurie Darie (Commander)


13:00 -15:08 "Vertigo"
Original title: Vertigo / USA 1958. Filmed in VistaVision Motion Picture High Fedilety(1,85:1). Presented in 70mm 24 frames per second (1,85:1) / 6-track DATASAT stereo. Original version / 128 minutes. World premiere: 09.05.1958. West German premiere: 03.02.1959

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Screenplay by: Alec Coppel and Samuel A. Taylor. Produced by Alfred Hitchcock. Music by Bernard Herrmann. Cinematography by Robert Burks. Film Editing by George Tomasini

James Stewart (John 'Scottie' Ferguson), Kim Novak (Madeleine Elster / Judy Barton), Barbara Bel Geddes (Midge Wood), Tom Helmore (Gavin Elster)

Academy Awards Nominated
• Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Black-and-White or Color
Hal Pereira, Henry Bumstead, Sam Comer & Frank R. McKelvy

• Best Sound
George Dutton (Paramount SSD)

"Vertigo" Cast and credits
Restoration of "Vertigo"

15:30 - 16:00 Coffee & Kuchen / Afternoon tea & coffee
New air condition at the Schauburg:

During winter 2014/2015 we have invested in a totally new Air condition/Ventilation System from scratch totalling costs about 800.000 Euro

In the Splendor of 70mm
In the Splendor of 70mm


16:00 - 18:37 "Tschaikowski"
Original title: "Tschaikowski" / USSR 1970. Filmed in Sovscope 70 (2,21:1). Presented in 70mm (2,20:1) / 6 track magnetic stereo. German version / 157 minutes / Original premiere print. World premiere: 23.08.1970. German premiere: 17.09.1971.

Directed by Igor Talankin & L. Sadikova. Screenplay: Budimir Metalnikov, Yuriy Nagibin & Igor Talankin. Produced by Dimitri Tiomkin. Cinematography by Margarita Pilikhina. Film Editing by Leonid Nekhoroshev & Zoya Veryovkina

Innokentiy Smoktunovskiy (Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky), Antonina Shuranova (Natalia von Meck), Kirill Lavrov (Pahulsky), Vladislav Strzhelchik (Nicholas Rubinstein), Evgeniy Leonov (Aliosha), Maya Plisetskaya (Desire), Bruno Frejndlikh (Turgenev), Alla Demidova (Yulia von Meck), Evgeniy Evstigneev (Laroche)

Academy Awards Nominated
• Best Music, Scoring Adaptation and Original Song Score
Dimitri Tiomkin
• Best Foreign Language Film
Soviet Union.

Roadshow version with intermission

Sovscope 70 - 70mm Films in USSR
Soviet 70mm Films in Russia

19:15 - 20:30 Dinner/Imbiß - Break
Gemeinsames Essen / Buffett

See pictures from 10th Todd-AO Festival and a gallery of all past festivals on the ultra sharp and curved 78" 4K foyer screen.

"Roadshow", "Six-track", "Intermission", "Curved screen", "Epic" -- all familiar words for the knowledgeable 70mm fan. Words we all know and love, because we know what they mean: A return to the Schauburg in Karlsruhe, and the annual gathering of fans of large format film. 3 days where we all go wide-eyed for 12 hours each day.

20:30 - 22:58 "Inherent Vice"
Original title: "Inherent Vice" / USA 2014. Filmed in 35mm Widescreen (1,85:1). Presented in 70mm (_,__:1) / 6 track DATASAT  stereo. English version / 148 minutes / Original premiere print. World premiere: 12.12.2014. German premiere: 12.02.2015.

Directed by: Paul Thomas Anderson. Screenplay by: Paul Thomas Anderson. Produced by Paul Thomas Anderson, Daniel Lupi and JoAnne Sellar. Music by Jonny Greenwood. Cinematography by Robert Elswit. Film Editing by Leslie Jones.

Joaquin Phoenix (Larry "Doc" Sportello), Josh Brolin (Lt. Det. Christian F. "Bigfoot" Bjornsen), Eric Roberts (Michael Z. Wolfmann), Serena Scott Thomas (Sloane Wolfmann), Benicio Del Toro (Sauncho Smilax, Esq), Owen Wilson (Coy Harlingen), Reese Witherspoon (Deputy D.A. Penny Kimball), Martin Short (Dr. Rudy Blatnoyd, D.D.S.)

Academy Awards Nominated
• Best Writing, Adapted Screenplay
Paul Thomas Anderson
• Best Achievement in Costume Design
Mark Bridges

“Inherent Vice,” an adaptation of Thomas Pynchon’s funniest novel, written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson

70mm Blow Up List 2014 - by in70mm.com

"70mm looks like film, with the volume turned up" - Paul Thomas Andersson

From 23:00 Get together with Hoepfner and friends

Herbert Born, theatre manager of the Schauburg will again - personally - and with great skills, serve chilled Hoepfner Brau to everyone after "Inherent Vice" adventure. The Get Together is always very popular, so be sure to stand in line. Our friend at Hoepfner Brau have have kindly sponsored the beer.

Saturday, 10. October 2015

09.00 - 10.00 Full 70mm Breakfast
Full weekend Schauburg 70mm Breakfast for festival pass holders in Schauburg Cinerama Lounge on the 1st. floor.

Enjoy hot and cold, bread and fruit, coffee and tea, juice and more fresh fruit, bacon, milk, eggs, pretzel and buns and something for the sweet tooth too!

10:00 - 13:00 "Camelot - Am Hofe König Arthurs"
Original title: "Camelot" / USA 1967. Filmed in Panavision (2,35:1). Presented in 70mm (2,20:1) / 6 track magnetic stereo. English version / 179 minutes / Cut premiere print. World premiere Italy: 14.03.1967. German premiere: 29.02.1968.

Director: Joshua Logan. Screenplay: Alan Jay Lerner. Produced by Jack L. Warner. Music by Alfred Newman. Cinematography by Richard H. Kline. Film Editing by Folmar Blangsted

Richard Harris (King Arthur), Vanessa Redgrave (Guenevere), Franco Nero (Lancelot Du Lac), David Hemmings (Mordred), Lionel Jeffries (King Pellinore), Laurence Naismith (Merlyn), Pierre Olaf (Dap), Estelle Winwood (Lady Clarinda)

Academy Awards
• Oscar Best Art Direction-Set Decoration
John Truscott, Edward Carrere & John Brown
• Best Costume Design
John Truscott
• Best Music, Scoring of Music, Adaptation or Treatment
Alfred Newman & Ken Darby

Academy Awards Nominated
• Best Cinematography
Richard H. Kline
• Best Sound

70mm Blow Up List 1967
Grant's Blow-Up Blog

13:30 - 14:30 Coffee & Kuchen / Afternoon tea & coffee
Join us and be part of this unique event and share the excitement together with visitors from all around the world - including Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, Denmark, England, USA, Sweden and France - and hopefully many more.

In the Splendor of 70mm
In the Splendor of 70mm

14:30 - 17:10 "The Great Race"
Original title: The Great Race / USA 1965. Filmed in Panavision (2,35:1). Presented in 70mm (2,20:1) / 6 track magnetic stereo. English version / 160 minutes / Original premiere print. World premiere: 01.07.1965. German premiere: 09.12.1965.

Directed by Blake Edwards. Screenplay by Arthur A. Ross. Produced by Martin Jurow. Music by Henry Mancini. Cinematography by Russell Harlan. Film Editing by Ralph E. Winters

Jack Lemmon (Professor Fate / Crown Prince Frederick Hoepnick), Tony Curtis (The Great Leslie), Natalie Wood (Maggie Dubois), Peter Falk (Maximilian Meen), Keenan Wynn (Hezekiah Sturdy)

Academy Awards
• Best Effects, Sound Effects
Treg Brown
Academy Awards Nominated
• Best Cinematography, Color
Russell Harlan
• Best Sound
George Groves (Warner Bros. SSD)
• Best Film Editing
Ralph E. Winters
• Best Music, Original Song
Henry Mancini (music) & Johnny Mercer (lyrics) For the song "The Sweetheart Tree" 

Roadshow version with intermission

70mm Blow Up List 1965

18:00 - 19:30
Dinner/Imbiß - Break. Gemeinsames Essen / Buffett
This is a BIG weekend, in the BIG film format on our a BIG screen. Be a part of this unique event and share the excitement together with visitors from all around the world - including Germany, Denmark, England, USA and France - and hopefully many more.

For three days "Filmtheater Schauburg", presents a dozen classic film epics in the king of all film formats: 70mm. This is a High Definition movie experience with extremely sharp images and vintage clear 6-track stereo.

19:30 - 22:19 "Interstellar"
Original title: Interstellar / USA 2014. Filmed in Panavision 2;39:1 + IMAX 65mm. Presented in 70mm (2,20:1) / 6 track DATASAT stereo. English version / 169 minutes / Original premiere print. World premiere: 26.10.2014. German premiere: 06.11.2014.

Directed by Christopher Nolan. Screenplay by Jonathan Nolan & Christopher Nolan. Produced by Christopher Nolan & Lynda Obst & Emma Thomas. Music by Hans Zimmer. Cinematography by Hoyte Van Hoytema. Film Editing by Lee Smith

Ellen Burstyn (Murph (older)), Matthew McConaughey (Cooper), Mackenzie Foy (Murph (10 Yrs.), John Lithgow (Donald), Bill Irwin (TARS (voice)), Anne Hathaway (Brand), Wes Bentley (Doyle), William Devane (Williams), Michael Caine (Professor Brand), David Gyasi (Romilly), Josh Stewart (CASE (voice)), Casey Affleck (Tom), Jessica Chastain (Murph), Matt Damon (Mann)

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light....

Academy Awards
• Best Achievement in Visual Effects
Paul J. Franklin, Andrew Lockley, Ian Hunter & Scott R. Fisher
Academy Awards Nominated
•  Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Score
Hans Zimmer
•  Best Achievement in Sound Mixing
Gary Rizzo, Gregg Landaker & Mark Weingarten
•  Best Achievement in Sound Editing
Richard King
•  Best Achievement in Production Design
Nathan Crowley (production design) & Gary Fettis (set decoration)

Acclaimed filmmaker Christopher Nolan directs an international cast in “Interstellar”

70mm Blow Up List 2014

Sunday, 11. October 2015

09.00 - 10.00 Full 70mm Breakfast
Full weekend Schauburg 70mm Breakfast for festival pass holders in Schauburg Cinerama Lounge on the 1st. floor.

Enjoy hot and cold, bread and fruit, coffee and tea, juice and more fresh fruit, bacon, milk, eggs, pretzel and buns and something for the sweet tooth too!

10:00 - 12:42 "In den Schuhen des Fischers"
Original title: The Shoes of the Fisherman / USA 1968. Filmed in Panavision (2,35:1). Presented in Panavision 70mm (2,20:1) / 6 track magnetic stereo. German version / 162 minutes. World premiere: 14.11.1968. West German premiere: 04.04.1969.

Directed by Michael Anderson. Screenplay by John Patrick & James Kennaway. Produced by George Englund. Music by Alex North. Cinematography by Erwin Hillier. Film Editing by Ernest Walter

Anthony Quinn (Archbishop Kiril Pavlovich Lakota), Laurence Olivier (Premier Piotr Ilyich Kamenev), Oskar Werner (Fr. David Telemond), David Janssen (George Faber), Vittorio De Sica (Cardinal Rinaldi), Leo McKern (Cardinal Leone), John Gielgud (The Elder Pope), Barbara Jefford (Dr. Ruth Faber), Rosemary Dexter (Chiara), Frank Finlay (Igor Bounin), Burt Kwouk (Chairman Peng)

Academy Awards Nominated
• Best Art Direction-Set Decoration
George W. Davis & Edward C. Carfagno
• Best Music, Original Score for a Motion Picture
Alex North

German roadshow version with intermission and ouverture.

70mm Blow Up List 1968
The Shoes Of The Fisherman

13:00 - 14:30 "Rocks Off"
Original title: "Lets Spend the Night Together" / USA 1982. Filmed in Panavision 35mm flat widescreen (1,85:1). Presented in 70mm (2,20:1) / Dolby magnetic stereo. German version / 95 minutes / Original premiere print. 70mm World & German premiere: 13.08.1982, REGINA Filmtheater, Bremen

Directed by: Hal Ashby. Produced by Ronald L. Schwary. Cinematography by Caleb Deschanel & Gerald Feil. Film Editing by Lisa Day

Stars: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman & Ron Wood

• "I want to do a road show kind of thing," Ashby explained, "because the film has got a lot of energy in it. Every time I screen it people come up to me afterwards and say, 'My God!' so I want to take a 70mm, six-channel stereo print and put it up where people can have some fun. I want to screen it where people can get up and dance" (from Being Hal Ashby: Life of a Hollywood Rebel by Nick Dawson).

70mm Blow Up List 1983
Trailer / TCM

15:00 - 15:30 Coffee & Kuchen / Afternoon tea & coffee
Since the dawn of cinema the standard film size has been 35mm film, but for certain films, the larger 65mm negative was used in the camera to ensure the best possible image quality. The benefit was a clearer and sharper screen image compared to "inferior" 35mm films. The "big" films often premiered in the largest cinemas, featuring huge screens that were often deeply curved - compared to contemporary flat screens. The curvature of the screen had an enveloping effect on the audience which gave them a feeling of participation in the action on the screen.

In the Splendor of 70mm
In the Splendor of 70mm


15:30 - 18:27 "Battle of the Bulge"
Original title: Battle of the Bulge / USA 1965. Filmed in Ultra Panavision 70 (2,79:1). Presented in (Rectified) Ultra Panavision 70 (2,20:1) / 6 track magnetic stereo. English version / 167 minutes / Original premiere print / Danish subtitles. World premiere: 16.12.1965. German premiere: 07.04.1966.

Directed by Ken Annakin. Screenplay by Philip Yordan, Milton Sperling & John Melson. Produced by Milton Sperling & Philip Yordan. Music by Benjamin Frankel. Cinematography by Jack Hildyard

Henry Fonda (Lt. Col. Dan Kiley), Robert Shaw (Col. Hessler), Robert Ryan (Gen. Grey), Dana Andrews (Col. Pritchard), George Montgomery (Sgt. Duquesne), Ty Hardin (Schumacher), Pier Angeli (Louise), Barbara Werle (Elena), Charles Bronson (Wolenski), Hans Christian Blech (Conrad), Werner Peters (Gen. Kohler), James MacArthur (Lt. Weaver), Karl-Otto Alberty (Von Diepel), Telly Savalas (Sgt. Guffy).

Golden Globes Nominated
• Best Supporting Actor
Telly Savalas
• Best Original Score
Benjamin Frankel

Roadshow version with intermission

Motion pictures photographed in MGM Camera 65 / Ultra Panavision 70
Ken Annakin. Director in Todd-AO and Ultra Panavision 70.

Ob's stürmt oder schneit, ob die Sonne uns lacht,
Der Tag glühend heiß, oder eiskalt die Nacht,
Verstaubt sind die Gesichter, doch froh ist unser Sinn, ja, unser Sinn.
Es braust unser Panzer im Sturmwind dahin.

19:00 - 20:00
Dinner/Imbiß - Break. Gemeinsames Essen / Buffett
Once again, the projector lens will light up the screen and show unbelievably sharp 70mm images of lesser-known and rarely seen films. Some of which only exist in this single 70mm print. Don’t forget, some of these films would be completely forgotten a long time ago, were it not for these rare 70mm prints. The sharpness will still make it a pleasant experience. And as much as you may hate in on TV, you will have fun seeing it in 70mm on the curve.

This is your opportunity to witness the grandeur and spectacle of nearly half a dozen Road-Show films on an authentic 70mm Cinerama cinema. Herbert Born and his staff have again done their utmost to make this weekend one of a kind. The Schauburg Cinerama is one of the last cinemas still equipped with 70mm projectors, a red curtain and a huge curved screen. An authentic cinema experience and LARGE FORMAT EVENT, uniquely Schauburg, to be shared with many friends from all over Europe.

…and now, "Gong", start projector, cue curtain, dim the lights, open dowser, focus, check sound.....the show is running.........another unforgettable weekend at the Schauburg!

20:00 - 21:54 "Alien 3"
Original title: Alien 3 / USA 1992. Filmed in Panavision 2;39:1 + ARRI765. Presented in 70mm (2,20:1) / 6 track Dolby Stereo. German version / 114 minutes / Original premiere print. World premiere: 22.05.1992. German premiere: 03.09.1992.

Directed by David Fincher. Screenplay by David Giler & Walter Hill. Produced by Gordon Carroll, David Giler & Walter Hill. Music by Elliot Goldenthal. Cinematography by Alex Thomson. Film Editing by Terry Rawlings

Sigourney Weaver: Ellen Ripley. Charles S. Dutton: Dillon. Charles Dance: Clemens. Paul McGann: Golic. Lance Henriksen: Bishop II. Pete Postlethwaite: David.

Academy Awards Nominated
•  Best Effects, Visual Effects
Richard Edlund, Alec Gillis, Tom Woodruff Jr. & George Gibbs

70mm Blow Up List 1992

2015 Credits. The organisers wish to thank the following individuals for their help

The Todd-AO 70mm Festival is generously supported by the Georg Fricker Stiftung
  • Georg Fricker ✝
  • Paul Thomas Anderson
  • Christian Appelt
  • Mikael Braae, Danish Film Institute
  • Ninette Christensen, Managerin BookingWarner Bros. Pictures Germany
  • Erica Frauman
  • Wolfram Hannemann
  • Udo Heimansberg
  • Marianne Jerris, Danish Film Institute
    Peter Kohl
  • Cordula Lau
  • Gunter Oehme
  • Thomas Rübenacker
  • Dr. Ralf Schenk, DeFa Stiftung
  • Sune Lind Thomsen, General Manager Warner Bros. Theatrical - Denmark
  • Mark Truesdale
  • Klaus Peter Weber
  • Hoepfner Privat Brau, DE

    Team Projektion:
  • Vincent Koch
  • Marcus Vetter
  • Der Kurier, DE
  • TNT, DE
The passing of Georg Fricker
Georg Fricker ist tot
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Updated 21-01-24