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• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen., a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

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DP70s in Massachusetts (MA)

Written by: Thomas Hauerslev Date: 04.07.2009
Boston Astor Theatre (*»)
  Two DP70 probably installed for "Porgy and Bess" 06.08.1959. 1384 seats. Demolished circa 1980 with both DP70s inside.
Boston Loews Cheri
One DP70 removed to Loews Liberty Tree Mall 20.
Boston Loews Liberty Tree Mall 20
One DP70 from Loews Cheri in storage.
Boston Charles Theater
  DP70 from 1966. Had OMA6 sound system with tropicalzation equipment. Two DP70 or AAll which replaced original Cinemeccanica V8.Name change to Walter Reade, then to Sack. Now Loews Cheri Theatre #1
Boston Coolidge Corner Theatre
  Two DP70 (1920+1924).

Ready to run "The Hateful Eight" 25. December 2015. Prepared by Michael Schaffer.

Image by Michael Schaffer
  Pictures by Michael Schaeffer

The two at the Coolidge Corner are 1920 (6311) and 1924 (6312)
Boston Gary Theatre (*»)
  Two DP70. "Around the World in 80 Days" was playing October 1957. 1277 seats. Demolished circa 1990 for goverment office building. DP70 to BLSI
Boston Mayflower Theatre
  One DP70 (806) sold to James Bond, Chicago. Boston's Mayflower Theatre never had 70mm or Scope of any type. Closed and a dump. 

Actually 806 has a way more colored history than just being bought by James Bond. It went from BL&S to Sam Chavez in CA., to Paul Mundt in El Cerrito CA (They shared the same shop there) to Myself in St. Charles, Illinois via Paul Mundt and then several years later to James Bond. 806 has a blue plexi door, only one I;ve seen like this and it was used at the Cinema Borealis Outdoor Screening in Grant Park Chicago to run Days Of Heaven and 2001 A Space Odyssey. Mark Guldbrandsen, 01.01.2016
Boston Sack Cinema 57 #1
  Two DP70. (694+695). DP70s came from Gary or Saxon. Closed 1996. DP70 to BLSI
Boston Sack Cinema 57 #2
  Two DP70. DP70s came from Gary or Saxon. Closed 1996. DP70 to BLSI
Boston Saxon Theatre (*»)
  Two DP70 installed for "Oklahoma!". 13.09.1956. Formerly the Majestic. 1046 seats. Altec Sound. Changed to live theatre: Emerson Majestic Theatre. DP70 to BLSI
Boston Boston Light and Sound
  Five DP70. (6XX 1013 no plans). 601 1019 and 611 1010 removed from Egyptian, Hollywood. no plans. 694 1120 and 695 1119 removed from Cinema 57 #1 circa 1996. no plans.
  Picture by Larry Shaw


Here are some DP-70s we are working on. They are 3 changeover pairs for a particular theatre.

Serial numbers:
  Picture by Larry Shaw


Here are some DP-70s we are working on. They are 3 changeover pairs for a particular theatre.

Serial numbers:

Boston Wang Theatre (now: Citi Performing Arts Center Wang Theatre)
  Two DP70. Former Metropolitan Theatre, mostly performing arts since early 1980s restoration. DP70s (donated by National Amusements) installed several years ago (by BL&S). Ran "Oklahoma!" in 70mm/30fps Todd-AO in spring 1998. Two DP70 removed to BL&S 2009. These 2 may go to Eastman House in Rochester, NY.
Brighton National Amusements Cleveland Circle
  Two DP70. Only one may be there now after the theatre was cut into 7 houses.
Brookline Coolidge Corner Moviehouse #1
  Two DP70.
Cambridge Loew's Harvard Square Theatre #1
  One DP70 (625) AO base No. 1035. Its companion machine was removed about ten years ago (1991) when they started platter operation; location unknown.

April 2003

The DP70 at Loews Harvard Square in Cambridge, Ma has been removed [To another Loews Theatre in New Jersey where there are supposedly others, I was told] and replaced by a new twin-lens turret 35mm Century, ending the theatre's 70mm capablility. The company crushed the professional union projectionists, and within weeks the managers who replaced them were unable to operate the DP70 or destroyed it.  Bill Luca
Lawrence National Amusement theatre
  Two DP70 installation in mid sixties. One machine left. Theatre converted from original 2 screens to 6.
Somerville Somerville Theatre (P)
  Two DP70 (1421+1423) with base no 59-189+59-191. From Robert A. Harris’ screening room in Bedford Hills, NY in 2009. Installed in 2009 by BL&S. Platter and c/o operation.
Southbridge American Optical Company, Power house
  One DP70. Power house installation included a very large curved screen and an Erneman 65mm projector. When the DP70 was ready, it was installed.
Southbridge American Optical Company, Research Building
  One DP70. In the Research Building a ½-scale model of a Todd-AO cinema was built. This machine and a complete distortion corrected 70mm print of "Oklahoma!" was sent to Kodak in Rochester to their museum in the Eastman Kodak Building in 1957/8. Rumoured to have been lost in a fire.

Worcester Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)
  Three DP70. (803+806+873).

Donated to the university by National Amusements in early 1990s. Current facility is Perreault Lecture Hall, which seats 386 students before a single screen.

806 is a spare DP70 in storage that is used for parts. 806 came from James Bond in Chicago, Illinois (IL).
  DP70 #806 in storage. Used for parts. Number plate: DP70 #806

Picture by
Joe Murray
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