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Wide Screen Weekend 2002 Reviews

The 70mm Newsletter
Date: February 2003

It was good, wasn't it?!


Dick and Borden in Bradford 2002. Monday morning at the hotel with Dick Babish and Borden Mace was a delight. Picture by Thomas Hauerslev

It was good, wasn't it?! Thanks for the quick pictures. Great! Fabulous time and without your input, it would not have been as good. As they say...'you done good'. Fabulous last could have gone on for hours. Just keep banging your head! 

Best, David Page.
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Bradford, Widescreen Weekend 2002

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Thanks to all for a wonderful time in Bradford


Dave Strohmaier and Randy Gitsch presenting "Cinerama Adventure".


Well my 15 minutes of fame in Bradford is long gone now. Caught a cold on the plane on the way back, starting to feel better today (Thursday). Last night was the gala opening party of the Dome and Archlight theaters, about 1500 people with lots of food and drink. Today I finish up the 3 strip Cinerama trailer and it will play sometime next week at the Dome before the evening weekend shows.

Thanks to all for a wonderful time in Bradford. My wife was impressed with the welcome Dave poster, She said, "Wow those guys must really love you over there!"

Say hi to all the gang for me.

Dave Strohmaier

Best selection of titles ever


Dave Watson, Henrik Hellstern-Hauerslev and David Page

Best selection of titles ever. What a joy to see "Cinerama Holiday" again - the first half is my favorite. The train sequence in 7 wonders made me suddenly realize that I did see this at the London casino. The Lowell Thomas break down reels set the (laughter) mood for the weekend. " Where Eagles Dare" was great fun and rounded off Sunday - good idea to have a "trashy" title like that. It also proved how good 70mm on the DP70 and that [Dimension 150] lens can be. In fact all 70mm can now be shown on the curved screen. Even the snow scenes looked good. More please even if they are blow-ups.

More nitro's to the Cinerama titles would have been good. Oh and " The Big Trail" was great BUT 4 films on Saturday is too much. Maybe more use of Friday can spread the titles out. With all the 70mm titles sitting in the basement at Pictureville could we not have an autumn weekend: "The Last Walle", "Custer of the West", "Flying Machines", "STAR!", "Hello, Dolly!" etc. A big thank you should go to Bill and the projection team.

Cheers Dave Watson.

The tribute to Willem was moving

Mr. Willem Bouwmeester is congratulated by Thomas Hauerslev.

It was fascinating to hear his descriptions of solving the problems to make Cinerama work. I hope he (Dick Babish) understood the appreciation we all have for his work. The work that most of us do leaves few traces ultimately, but he has made possible that we and the future can enjoy looking back through the eyes of Cinerama. I was struck by the gang of middle-age guys 
crowded around when he was on the stage with the Camera #1. We were more like teenagers around the latest rock star!

It was a great weekend. "The Cinerama Adventure" is a great experience and when it reaches a wide audience will create more fans for this "lost process". The tribute to Willem was moving, he deserves a lot of credit. John Harvey was unstinting in giving credit to Willem for bringing Cinerama back and his abilities to track down equipment and fabricate and create the things needed to make the museum installation a reality.

I got to meet Eric White from Melbourne and compare notes. He probably came the furthest, didn't he? I had a nice conversation with John Belton over breakfast one morning. Most importantly, thanks for all the work you have done to keep Cinerama alive, keep up the struggle!

Cheers, M. Henry

It was great to see so many Cinerama films


Wouter de Voogd, Paul Rayton and John Belton

Dear Thomas,

It was great to see so many Cinerama films programmed for one weekend. Given the uniqueness of the theater, it makes sense that the Festival present as many three-strip Cinerama films as possible.

There seems to be an effort to get more weekenders involved in the presentation of the films. I think this is basically a very good idea. There are many members of the audience who have expertise to share and it would be wise to take advantage of that. In fact, we could plan to involve a different regular weekender in doing an intro for each film (rather than having one person do several). It should be as international as possible (even down to doing presentations in French or German or other languages). I would certainly be willing to prepare an intro.

The one problem I had this year was figuring out when special events were scheduled. I missed one hour of the wine reception because it was not clear when that would. Even though I am a "Fellow" of the Order of Bradford and helped select this year's fellow, I missed that ceremony because it was not scheduled. Can we generate a one page xerox of all the wide screen events and screenings?

I'd love to see "The Robe" next year (in four-track), as well as the famous CinemaScope Demonstration reel (s) featuring material from "Broken Lance".

John Belton

I was much impressed by the enthusiastic following in attendance


Thomas Hauerslev (Denmark) and Dick Babish (USA). 

I want to thank you for the opportunity you afforded me to attend the recent Wide Screen Weekend celebrating the Fiftieth Anniversary of the opening of Cinerama. It was a most impressive event, affording me the opportunity of seeing once again scenes I haven't seen in many years!-- and some I had not yet even seen until then!

It was indeed a great experience for which I thank you and the National Museum for extending the invitation. I was much impressed by the enthusiastic following in attendance. I was further impressed with the youthfulness of many of the attendees. It was a pleasure to discuss with them some of the history and principles on which the Cinerama system was based. They seemed to understand so much better than some of the professionals that we dealt with at times.

The recognition that was given to Willem Bouwmeester pleased me very much, too, since he has been such an ardent devotee, and has done so much to assist the Museum in acquiring and setting up such a comprehensive assemblage of equipment.

In grateful appreciation for this remarkable opportunity,

Dick Babish
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Updated 07-01-21