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Mission Report from Widescreen Weekend 1996
By Thomas Hauerslev
Seeing old prints, faded clips, looking for join lines, the smell of magnetic sound, hearing tape hiss, seeing "Intermission" signs, is all part of the show in Bradford. The week-end in Pictureville came to an end. I owe much thanks to the staff there, especially Mr Bill Lawrence, Mr Tony Cutts, Mr Duncan McGregor and Mr. Dick Vaughan for making it unforgettable, highly interesting and for making me feel so welcome.

Go to Gallery: Bradford, Widescreeen Weekend 1996
Widescreen Weekend 1996
By Thomas Hauerslev
Bill Lawrence introduced the show and told the story of how the staff had worked hard to make this work. There was a big applaud for Tony and Duncan from the audience, and Bill Lawrence continued: "Without the International Cinerama Rumour Factory this show would never had taken place". The Widescreen Weekend is a celebration of all that is extraordinary in large format film and the audiences clearly prefer the curve to the flat screen.

Go to Gallery: Bradford, Widescreeen Weekend 1996

3rd Bradford Film Festival 1997
By Bill Lawrence
Following the highly successful weekend in Bradford in March 1996, we are currently planning the 4th Widescreen Festival. The 4th Widescreen Film Festival will run through the 3rd Bradford Film Festival, but the core special weekend 14 - 16 March 1997 will be full of widescreen material.
Widescreen Weekend 1997
By Thomas Hauerslev
Some of the biggest news this spring has been the showing of “Windjammer”, at the Pictureville cinema in. The Eastman color print was of course faded into pink, but it was a rare opportunity to see the film for the first time in (probably) 30 - 40 years. The film was shown in the original 3 strip version with Dutch narration on the huge Cinerama screen in Bradford, England. 

Go to Gallery: Bradford, Widescreen Weekend 1997
Is "Windjammer" the Queen of Kitsch?
By Fans at the Widescreen Weekend
It is a grand movie! As a colleague of mine in London told me. It must be the queen of kitsch. But it was an incredible experience to see "Windjammer", the film all Norwegians have talked about since the original release in 1958.
Misconceptions about the Bradford setup
By Bill Lawrence
“How The West Was Won” was shown at David’s insistence despite my feelings that the soundtrack was too worn to complete a full screening. However, the major problem with “HTWWW” was that we had to try and carry out a major re-edit on with a different soundtrack to 1996, as well as inserting the English titles. This is a lengthy time-consuming project at the best of times, in the heat of a film festival it is almost impossible. We did not have sufficient time to allow for a rehearsal and checking.

Widescreen Weekend 1998
By Thomas Hauerslev
The Wide Screen Weekend in Bradford, England went really well this year. All film prints were received in time for the showings and Mr. Lawrence proudly opened the Wide Screen Weekend Friday afternoon by introducing David Lean's masterpiece "Ryan's Daughter", using a rare, almost non-faded, 70mm print from Norway.

Go to Gallery: Bradford, Widescreen Weekend 1998
Mission Report from Widescreen Weekend 1998
By Thomas Hauerslev
The audience often visited the  box/booth to ask the patient projectionists questions about performance and 70mm prints. The projectionist crew, Duncan, Jennifer, Juan and Tony, did a fantastic job working almost around the clock to satisfy the desires of the ever-demanding 70mm aficionados in the assemblage. They all got a rousing round of applause from the audience at the end of Sunday for a job well done.
Projecting the Widescreen Weekend
By Thomas Hauerslev
The audience ask about the difference between the curved and flat screen. They are very keen to see what happens on the different screens. Some films are made to be shown on the Cinerama curve, and if it is well done, it looks good and develops a more 3-dimensional aspect. You feel more drawn into the picture. They forget everything else because of the picture in front of them. The audiences clearly prefer the curve to the flat screen.

Planning the Widescreen Weekend
By Thomas Hauerslev
Wide Screen Weekend organizer Mr. Bill Lawrence lets you see behind the scenes of his ideas on planning the 1998 Wide Screen Weekend
Widescreen Weekend 1999
By Thomas Hauerslev
Bill Lawrence introduced Louis de Rochemont III who received a standing ovation from the audience. Louis directed "Windjammer" and had not seen the film in 40 years. The experience was overwhelming, and I am almost certain that Louis had a tear in his eyes. Louis signed many autographs after the film.

Go to Gallery: Bradford, Widescreen Weekend 1999
Mission Report Widescreen Weekend 1999
By Thomas Hauerslev
his was the 5th festival of its kind. Most of the films shown during the busy weekend were in 70mm and 3-strip Cinerama, two very popular film formats among the audiences. What follows here is a collection of memories garnished with some pictures of guests and crew from the Pictureville Cinema.
"Orpheus in the Underworld" - Introduction
By Ingolf Vonau

The film that you are about to see was the last 70mm production in East Germany. After 7 feature films and 2 documentaries this production line came to an end. Why did the East German film company DEFA decide to film in 70mm?

Widescreen Weekend 2000
By Thomas Hauerslev
I thought the Bradford Wide Screen Weekend 2000 was terrific. How wonderful to see the movies one made for the cinema instead of all the little multiplex houses, video or cable. As I looked at many of the scenes in “Battle of the Bulge” the thought passed through my mind - how the hell did we set up that scene with all its tanks and action?!

Go to Gallery: Bradford, Widescreen Weekend 2000
Widescreen Weekend 2000 Review
By the weekend delegates
Reading through a copy of the Yorkshire Post Supplement for The Bradford Film Festival, confirms that this is an event of international significance throughout the film world, and a great accomplishment for all those involved in what must surely be an exercise of enormous complexity. Securing sponsors of such integrity, and that are willing and confident to support so worthwhile a project, surely, is initially a challenge and ultimately a triumph.
Ken Annakin. Director in Todd-AO and Ultra Panavision 70.
By Thomas Hauerslev
For "Flying Machines" I leaned to the Todd-AO system because the camera system was light, very easy to operate and fast to load. Todd-AO really gave you results equal to 3-strip printing.
Ken Annakin. Director in Todd-AO and Ultra Panavision 70
Von Thomas Hauerslev
Doch was die Entscheidung angeht, die „Fliegenden Kisten“ in Todd-AO zu drehen, so war dies einfach die logische Wahl. Es war damals das größte Filmformat und ich wusste, dass ich die Leinwand mit vielen Menschen und Flugzeugen füllen wollte. Wirklich beeindruckend sind nun diese winzigen Flugzeuge in einem riesigen leeren Himmel, und das erreicht man nur mit 70mm.

Widescreen Weekend 2001
Wide Screen Weekend 2001
Bradford, Widescreeen Weekend 2001
"Windjammer" Director Passed Away
Louis deRochemont, III
By David Page
Louis was kind enough to inscribe a "Windjammer" poster for me with the words...'To David Page who has become part of the cruise'. Then, at the end of the weekend, I drove Louis back to Heathrow where, at the departure gate, we bade farewell. As he went through the gate, with a tear in his eye, he turned, waved and returned home.
Creating the Widescreen Weekend
By Bill Lawrence
The Widescreen Weekend is a celebration of all that is extraordinary in large format film and has become a highlight on the film festival calendar.
"2OO1" IN 2001
In the history of motion pictures, a film occasionally has captured some moment of the human adventure in a manner to transcend its initial goal of entertainment. These films not only are long remembered but become a vital part of our culture.

In "2OO1: A SPACE ODYSSEY" Stanley Kubrick has created such a film. It offers entertainment in abundance. But no greater compliment can be paid a motion picture than to use it as a yardstick by which to judge other pictures in later years. "2OO1: A SPACE ODYSSEY" is this kind of picture.

Robert H. O'Brien, President, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc.

Confessions of a Widescreen Weekend Fan
What did you think of the 2002 Wide Screen Weekend?

Widescreen Weekend 2003 report
What did you think of the 2003 Wide Screen Weekend?

2004 Widescreen Weekend - my story
Widescreen Weekend 2004 report
What did you think of the 2004 Wide Screen Weekend?

Recreating Sensurround
By Darren Briggs
We first brought "Earthquake" back in November 2003 at City Screen York. We were asked by Bill Lawrence to bring the re-creation to the Widescreen Weekend.

Widescreen Weekend 2005
By Thomas Hauerslev
I had invited my daughter Maria with me again. Our flight was around 14:00 in the afternoon and I had scheduled our arrival in Bradford to be around 18:00 in the evening.

Widescreen Weekend 2006 - what the audience thought about it
2006 Widescreen Weekend report

Widescreen Weekend 2007 - reviews

Widescreen Weekend 2008
By Thomas Hauerslev
So far we have confirmed prints of "Windjammer", "This is Cinerama", "Star!", "The Sand Pebbles", "2001: A Space Odyssey", "Blade Runner", "Hamlet" and "Honeymoon
Quality, Quantity and Width
By Mark Trompeteler
As said previously the widescreen weekend programme seemed fuller, more varied and better attended than when I first attended in 2006. A visit to Bradford 2008

WSW report 2009
By Thomas Hauerslev
What makes people fly in from all over the world to spend a “WSW” in Bradford and seeing films, which are sometimes faded and in most cases very, very old?
Widescreen Weekend 2009
By Thomas Hauerslev
70mm films everywhere, including a NEW Dimension 150 print of "The Bible...in the Beginning". Come and "Becket", "Where Eagles Dare", "West Side Story" and "How The West Was Won" at the 14th Widescreen Weekend in Bradford, England.
Widescreen Weekend review
By Ramon Lamarca
If I could make some petitions for the future would be to keep the showmanship at its best, I would wait a bit until closing the curtains for those of us who like to read who the carpenter was in the film. More feedback
Jäger Der Verlorenen Filmschätze
Von Wolfram Hannemann
Es ist eines der Highlights, auf das ich mich jedes Jahr aufs neue freue: das „Widescreen Weekend“ im englischen Städtchen Bradford.
WSW 2009 introductions
By Sheldon Hall:
"Khartoum", Wolfram Hannemann: "The King and I", "The Bible...in the beginning" and "West Side Story" and Dave Strohmaier: "How the West Was Won".
Cinerama, D150, Ultra Panavision and much more!
By Mark Trompeteler
If you haven’t had the chance to attend a widescreen weekend before and you love cinema then do consider going. A visit to Bradford 2009
Wide Screened and Wide Eyed
By Mark Trompeteler
Who amongst us, at certain times, has not totally lost our heart, imagination or disbelief whilst at the cinema? A visit to Bradford 2006
The History of 70mm Short Subjects
By Randy Gitsch
An abbreviated history of ALL widescreen short subjects from July 1896's “Henry Regatta” in 70mm to "The Devil's Mine Ride" in Showscan.
"This is New Zealand"
By Bob Jessopp
Tena koto, Tena Koto, Tena Koto, Katoa. Welcome. Here is a little background information to New Zealand’s one and only 3 camera, 3 projector wide screen Film Production.

Widescreen Weekend 2010 Events
By Jim Barg
It was a trip that I had been planning in my mind forever, but I got lost from Forster Square to the Midland Hotel.
Cinerama Showcase
By Jim Barg
The idea was to be able to show film in every possible format. We had 35mm, we had 70mm, why not Cinerama?
John Harvey "Mr. Cinerama" in Bradford
Richard Greenhalgh
Sunday night the International Cinerama Society will put on a program about the history of Cinerama. It should be a grand time.

"It's Bloody Marvellous"
By The Widescreeners
What do I think about the Widescreen Weekend? Read what the widescreeners think after spending 4 days in a cinema in Bradford
Widescreen Weekend Mission Report 2011
By Thomas Hauerslev
After a one year absence I was delighted to be back at the Pictureville Cinema, and to see the movie family of widescreeners again

Loren Janes - Widescreen Weekend Guest
By Tom March
He will be traveling to Bradford as a very special guest and will be on stage doing his home movie presentation. He is looking forward to meeting and greeting all the many fans of Cinerama and 70mm who are attending the Festival this year

Widescreen Weekend 2013
By Mark Trompeteler
The National Media Museum’s annual festival of all things widescreen was again held earlier this year in Bradford, in the UK. Mark Trompeteler reports on a very successful and enjoyable event which included acknowledgement of Cinemascope’s 60th Birthday.
Anders Olsson is reporting from Bradford, see the pictures here:
WSW 2013 gallery Friday
WSW 2013 gallery Saturday
WSW 2013 gallery Sunday
WSW 2013 gallery Reception

As usual every film is introduced by experts, read introductions here:
2013 WSW Introductions

New Cinerama Restorations at Widescreen Weekend 2014
By Dave Strohmaier & Tom March

Dave Strohmaier and Randy Gitsch returned to Widescreen Weekend for their eighth appearance bringing along two new Cinerama restorations, “Seven Wonders of the World” and “Search for Paradise” which were digitally scanned at Image Trends in Austin, Texas. Here are some “Cinerama Highlights” from this year’s Widescreen Weekend.
Attending the Widescreen Weekend from 10 to 13 April 2014
By Gerhard Witte
2006 had been the last time I visited Bradford's Widescreen Weekend. At the time, of course, I was particularly impressed by the 3-strip screenings of "Windjammer" and the all-time hit "How the West Was Won". All projected onto the deeply curved screen in the Pictureville Cinema. Now, 8 years later the great opportunity watching the last two Cinerama `holy grails´ "Seven Wonders of the World" and "Search for Paradise" on the curved Cinerama screen. That was the reason why I travelled to England.

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Widescreen Weekend 2016

2014 Widescreen Weekend Introductions
Having dubbed Wood as well as Moreno, Nixon felt she deserved a cut of the movie-album royalties. Neither the movie nor the record producers would bow to her demands. Leonard Bernstein broke the stalemate by volunteering a percentage of his income, a gesture of loyalty-royalty since Nixon had been a performer-colleague of his at New York Philharmonic concerts. He ceded one-quarter of one percent of his royalties to her
Cinerama Birthday Bradford Celebrates Cinerama’s 60th. Anniversary
By Mark Trompeteler
The largest number of core delegates, in the region of 180, that the museum staff can ever remember attending the Widescreen Weekend gathered at the museum’s Pictureville Cinema in late April. Not only to celebrate all things widescreen, but particularly this year [2012], Cinerama’s sixtieth birthday.
Widescreen Weekend – It is tradition!
Ulrich Rostek
Unhealthy lifestyle is also a kind of tradition during Bradford Widescreen Weekend. High speed food intake during the short breaks between the movies is not really recommended by nutritionists but at least we are all in a hurry. Watching movies all day long is a hard work to do. We are not there for fun.

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2015 Widescreen Weekend Introduction
By Wolfram Hannemann
To get the look he wanted for the film, director Norman Jewison told Director of Photography Oswald Morris, to shoot the film in an earthy tone. Morris saw a woman wearing brown nylon hosiery, thought "That's the tone we want," asked the woman for the stockings on the spot, and shot the entire film with a stocking over the lens. Morris did shoot the film in anamorphic Panavison on 35mm film stock and it was blown up to 70mm for roadshow engagements.
Wide Screen Weekend 2015
By Mark Lyndon
Having been cancelled, for reasons which remain unclear, the Wide Screen Weekend strand of the sadly defunct Bradford International Film Festival, returned triumphantly to the Pictureville Cinema, following intense behind the scenes lobbying of the Science Museum hierarchy. The Picturehouse organisation can feel justly proud of their achievement.

• Go to Wide Screen Weekend gallery 2015
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Francois Carrin's trip to the Widescreen Weekend
Douglas Trumbull's "Silent Running" screens in Bradford
By Lisa Brook, Widescreen Weekend Coordinator
As a very special addition to Widescreen Weekend 2015 our keynote guest Douglas Trumbull presents his directorial sci-fi masterpiece "Silent Running", offering an in-depth introduction to this much loved classic. In a future where Earth’s vegetation is extinct the last examples of plant life are cultivated in eco-domes aboard vast space craft Valley Forge.

Widescreen Weekend 2016
Widescreen Weekend will take place from 13 - 16, October 2016 and will feature new Cinerama restorations, classic 70mm screenings and demonstrations of the latest ways to enjoy immersive cinema. Widescreen Weekend commences on Thursday evening and concludes after the last show on Sunday evening. We will be announcing programme information in August 2016. We hope to see you all as we celebrate the joys of wide gauge film once again.

• Go to Widescreen Weekend, Bradford, England
The Magic of Large Format Cinema
By Mark Trompeteler
The 2015 event very nearly did not happen. The Museum had announced in the previous year that it would not be holding any of its regular film festivals in 2015. Given the time that this particular event had spent over the years building up an international audience, that travelled from all over the world to attend it, and the real concern that if it broke the pattern by not holding the event for a year, it would begin to start losing that audience
Widescreen Weekend 2015 / Widescreen 2016
By Mark Trompeteler
I have had a couple of enquiries from overseas friends and colleagues about all kinds of things they are hearing about Bradford's National Media Museum and the fate of WSW. From what I am seeing in the UK press and from the recent discussions on behalf of BKSTS I have had with them at NMM I believe the situation is as follows.
Memories from Bradford
By Hannemann, Lyndon &
By unanimous decision, or else, of the Awards Committee of the Praesidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Academy of Seriously Large Format Kinematographic Systems, of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, it gives me great pleasure to award the highest accolade that the Academy can bestow, the Vladimir Ilyich Leninerama Gold Medal for Heroic Socialist Labou

Widescreen Weekend 2017
Cinerama pioneers Dave Strohmaier and Randy Gitsch return to our shores once more and enable us to screen their final digital restoration of the historic 3-panel Cinemiracle travelogue "Windjammer", showing on Pictureville’s deeply curved, louvered Cinerama screen.
2017 Widescreen Weekend Introductions
By Hannemann & Williams
"The Untouchables" was released under the Theatre Alignment Programme created by LucasFilm in 1983. 70mm prints went out with a letter in De Palma’s name advising projectionists that 70mm prints were hard matted to the 2.35:1 aspect ratio, meaning bars could be visible at the top and bottom of the screen and offering guidance on the best presentation.
The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm in Bradford
By Johan Wolthuis
"Windjammer: The Voyage of the Christian Radich" digitally restored movie looked great on the large curved screen. From the original 3-panel elements it was possible to save this great movie for future generations. Producers David Strohmaier and Randy Gitsch did a great job! Beautiful images - a feast for the eyes and ears.

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