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in70mm.com Mission:
• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen.
in70mm.com, a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

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Brian Guckian - My in70mm.com Favorites

Dear Thomas

Here are the 30 links as promised. Just some comments - I think it needs to be made clear in some way that suggesting 30 links to articles on the website does not mean that the other 500 or so articles are not as good! I think that is a problem with lists, and "picking" articles. You will see also that I have tried to be as representative as possible, so that most areas of the website have been covered, whilst also putting my own "flavour" on it.

Best, Brian
The Passing of Brian Guckian, Ireland
By Mark Lyndon
Over the years, our friendship grew, extending to my wife Margaret. We were looking forward to our reunion with Brian and were deeply shocked and saddened by the tragic news from Dublin. Brian achieved much in his tragically short life. He was a passionate advocate for film, at a time when film exhibition was becoming increasingly rare, less valued and appreciated. A co founder of the 70mm workshop, his scholarship and research made a considerable contribution to our knowledge of the subject.

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Chronological premiere list of major 70mm films
Cinerama 60th Anniversary By Tom March
A picture report from the "Cinerama center of the world" at the Dome in LA - people from Europe and the US are together celebrating the 60th anniversary of Cinerama
Adding the Sound to Cinerama
By Hazard E. Reeves
In 1940 Fred Waller, the inventor of Cinerama, invited me to a demonstration of his new process in the Rockefeller carriage house on West 55th Street in New York. Like everyone else who saw it at that time, I was tremendously impressed with it
The Entire Development of the Cinerama Process
By Fred Waller
I'm going to tell a more or less chronological story of the entire development of the Cinerama process. It's not a short story but I'll try to keep it condensed.
Large Format in Brazil / 70mm In Rio
Paulo Roberto P. Elias, Rio
It was 1965. With great fanfare, the Cinema Vitória, opened its first 70mm screening, with the Super Panavision print of “My Fair Lady”.
Douglas Trumbull - A Conversation
By Wolfram Hannemann

I’m absolutely confident that the digital image has caught up with film in terms of frame rate, resolution, steadiness, brightness and colour saturation. I’ve gone totally digital; I’m not interested in film at all.

Todd-AO Festival 2006
By Thomas Hauerslev
During a full [2006] October weekend, classic epics will be shown in the impressive 70mm format on a huge 136 sqm curved screen in the famous classic cinema. Come and celebrate with us the BIG weekend, in the BIG film format on our a BIG screen. Share the excitement with visitors from all around the world - including Germany, Denmark, England, USA and France - and hopefully many more. Highlight from the 2nd Todd-AO Festival in Karlsruhe, October 2006.
The new Schauburg is unrecognizable
Badische Neueste Nachrichten
The renovation in 1968 did not take quite as long as the almost 3 years it had taken to produce the film, and was completed, including the golden wallpaper, for approx. DM 300,000. By today’s standards that is an incredibly small sum for such a conversion of Karlsruhe’s first large-capacity cinema. Those responsible undertook a strategy of using technically innovative and aesthetically pleasing design techniques in order to benefit the public.
Pictureville Cinema, Bradford, England
By Thomas Hauerslev
In West Yorkshire, in the heart of Britain, one of the worlds most advanced cinemas is situated. Capable of presenting not only 35mm and 70mm, but also Cinerama. It is the only public theatre left in the world capable of showing original 3-strip Cinerama.
The D-150 Curvulon Lens
By Richard Vetter
The D-150 Super Curvulon lens attachment was a basic design that I conceived and submitted to Kollmorgen Corp. in 1964 and that company was commissioned by D-150 to perform the final design and fabricate prototypes.
General Building Specifications for the Dimension-150 All-Purpose Theatre
The concept of the "all-purpose-theatre" for Dimension 150 exhibition, and the exhibition of all other existing screen processes has been studied by D-150, Inc for several years. The "all- purpose-theatre" should be unique in appearance, functional in design, and economical in construction, operation and maintenance.

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The Story of the DP70, the Todd-AO projector. The famous and time proven 70mm film projector developed by Philips in Holland more than 55 years ago. The DP70 was a remarkable 70mm projector. On Monday April 8, 1963 Fred J Pfeiff, technical manager of the motion picture equipment department of Norelco (North American Philips), received the 1962 Class 2 Oscar plaque for:

"The design and engineering of the Norelco Universal 70/35mm motion picture projector".
Dolby Stereo Surround On 70mm
By John Iles
“Superman the Movie” had an outstanding soundtrack for its day thanks to the enthusiasm of Gordon McCullum and his crew at Pinewood. Today almost all films are made with stereo-surrounds (5.1) although not all Directors and re-recorders take full use of the possibilities.
"Pearl Harbor" in 70mm DTS
70mm DTS at the Millennium Dome
Life With THX In Hollywood Part 1
Life With THX In Hollywood Part 2
"Hamlet" relives in 70mm!! - a visit to the set
The worlds largest screen - in Oslo, Norway 1996 for "ID4"

KRRR! 70mm filmfestival in Krnov
Hans Haenssler
Thanks to the good organisation of Klima, Tomesek and many other people, it was a interesting event for the visitors of the latest 70mm festival in Krnov in the Czech Republic.
70mm Retrospective - Mission Report
By Rayton & Hauerslev
Now, suddenly, 70mm is given a superior place of recognition, at one of the most important film festivals in the world -- and the audiences responded as if it was their long-lost child! This is the mission report from the middle of the 70mm "melting pot" in Berlin, Germany.
The Imperial Bio 2008
The auditorium is an amphitheatre in shape and seats 1,102 people in large, specially-designed "Imperial" seats with more than ample leg room between the rows.
70mm Festival in Karlsruhe, Germany
By Thomas Hauerslev
The Drake, Plymouth, England
By Kinematograph Weekly

The aim in designing The Drake was to match up to the conception of the showman's ideal form of presentation. We aimed at nothing less than perfection in public entertainment.
Meet the Chief
By Thomas Hauerslev
During the 2007 Cannes Film Festival, Thomas Hauerslev spoke with Loïc Ledez - The Master French Projectionist.
70mm Come Back!!!
By Rick Mitchel
Filming of "Svalbard - Arctic Seasons"
By Thomas Hauerslev
We chose 65mm because the film is going to be shown on a big curved screen, covering more than 100' angle from the audiences point of view. No smaller format could give the same feeling of being present in an arctic environment.
"The Master", a new film in 65mm by Paul Thomas Anderson
70mm adverts now seen in San Francisco newspapers - follow this page for the facts about "The Master" in the coming months
"Faubourg 36" in 70mm in Paris, France
Breaking News!!! Breaking News!!!
New French Film Shown in Paris in 70mm. Francois CARRIN's first cell phone report "I had tears in my eyes after the film. It was Fantastic!. Beautiful!. A Wonderful Film"
Jan Jacobsen - His Story
By Bill Shaw
Jan suggested: "I can build a 15-perf 65mm camera. No optical printing will be needed." So, he went to work in his shop in Copenhagen and, within 4 months, showed Graeme a very compact camera, based on a tandem 7-1/2 perf mechanism. On Dec. 3, 1968, Jan delivered the camera to Galt, Ontario, Canada, home of Multiscreen Corporation, the original name of Imax Corporation.
The M.C.S.-70 Process and European Cinema of the 1960s
By Christian Appelt
It was a happy chance, that brought together, the MCS company and an inventor and film technician of special genius, the Norwegian Jan Jacobsen


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