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• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen., a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

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“In Glorious Smell-O-Vision! The True Story of The Godfather of Scented Cinema”
A scented documentary focusing on THE ‘Original Stinker’. The Scent of Mystery

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Tammy Burnstock, AustraliaDate: 31.01.2020


A scented documentary focusing on THE ‘Original Stinker’. The Scent of Mystery (1960). When it comes to movies, WHY NOT THE NOSE?

The story of unsung hero and Godfather of scented cinema, osmologist and Swiss inventor Hans Laube, whose Smell-O-Vision! technology premiered in 1960 with
"Scent of Mystery", a big budget feature film, directed by Jack Cardiff with an all-star cast, including Elizabeth Taylor. "Scent of Mystery" was not only the FIRST, but also the LAST film to be presented in Smell-O-Vision!


Australian filmmaker Tammy Burnstock makes it her mission to get to the bottom of what went wrong, along the way uncovering a very human story of scientific innovation, heartbreak and redemption. "In Glorious Smell-O-Vision!" is a documentary film that brings to light a previously-untold chapter in movie history, proving along the way that scented cinema has a future.

"In Glorious Smell-O-Vision! The True Story of the Godfather of Scented Cinema" is told through memories shared by Carmen, daughter of Hans Laube and Susan Todd, daughter of producer Mike Todd, Jr. With insights by "Scent of Mystery"’s director Jack Cardiff, photojournalist Art Shay, original audience members Bruce Kimmel and Charles Ziarko.

The wonderful world of Widescreen is illuminated by
Dave Strohmaier as he leads a scented revival team into the TCM Classic Film Festival. Here we meet Randy Gitsch, Chapin Cutler, TCM hosts Leonard Maltin and Ben Mankiewicz, and the star of "Scent of Mystery" Beverly Bentley.

The film also features an international who’s who of the world of scent, led by Saskia Wilson-Brown, founder of the Institute for Art and Olfaction. Along with Luca Turin, Jacquelyn Ford Morie, Chandler Burr, Lizzie Ostrom, Avery Gilbert, Neal Harris, John Foley and Cat Jones

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Be part of Smell-O-Vision history! A campaign to re-start Mike Todd Jr's. Smell-O-Vision for future screenings of "Holiday In Spain"

Mike Todd Jr.'s "Scent of Mystery" in Smell-O-Vision

PDF: “In Glorious Smell-O-Vision! The True Story of The Godfather of Scented Cinema”

Jack Cardiff about "Scent of Mystery"

Scent of Mystery lives again!

Movies with artificial smells in cinemas: "Behind the Great Wall" and "Scent of Mystery"

Internet link:

InGlorious Events demo

Tammy Burnstock
Instagram: @inglorious_smellovision



Elizabeth Taylor’s “Scent of Mystery” fragrance in the film inspired a world of celebrity perfume. Scent of Mystery is thought to have been created by legendary French perfumer Jean Carles (1892–1966) for Maison de Shiaparelli. Susan Todd with a bottle of the original Scent of Mystery, 2019.

“It’s amazing! I love it, it has all a good documentary should have. It evokes, it shows emotions and it’s so touching to hear Carmen and Susan Jane’s (Todd) stories and your passion and love for smell-o-vision.”

Peter de Cupere, scent artist 2019,

“I really enjoyed it. I loved your participation in telling the story of how you got interested in it and I loved actually learning my own family history which was exciting for me and for my daughter who saw it. From my point of view you did an amazingly good and fair representation of my family. With great respect I felt, in light of the movie my father made being a failure. You treated it respectfully and artistically and gave credit to everyone’s desire to make it, so that was very good.”

Susan Todd, daughter of producer Mike Todd Jr.

“It was great to see my father Leo on screen at the height of his comic heyday. I thought the conceit about the significance of smells + cinema came across really strongly and wow Saskia (Wilson-Brown, Institute for Art and Olfaction) is a wonderful interviewee and human, so vibrant and political about the subject… How amazing is Hans Laube’s story and character and sad as well, likewise Mike Todd, which was so tragic with his death. What visionary extraordinary yet flawed men, it feels like a lost romantic era a bit.”
Harriet McKern,

“Wow; wasn’t it an amazing night. Such a wonderful thing you’ve made ❤ so grateful to be part of it.”

Carmen Laube, daughter of Hans Laube, the Godfather of Smell-O-Vision!

“I want to say a million thanks for letting me see “In Glorious Smell-O-Vision! The True Story of The Godfather of Scented Cinema” – I just sat down to watch it in peace and quiet. Loved it totally. What you have put together is a true testament to a vision, which failed for various reasons. From being a lost film, you have really added life into the story of Laube and Todd Jr.’s efforts. Thank you.  Very emotional for the lovers of films like this…

Charlotte, my wife, remembers the Copenhagen show vividly as one the most fun film shows she has ever seen – me too for that matter – not that I like scented films especially, but the SHOWMANSHIP you produced with your enthusiasm for scents in films was STAGGERING!!!!”  

Thomas Hauerslev,


"IN GLORIOUS SMELL-O-VISION!" (Almost) Full Cast and Credits
Final list available by spring 2020


DSC_7595John Foley with the scents he composed for "A Tale of Old Whiff", in Copenhagen for a ‘Nosey Night’, 2018. Image: Thomas Hauerslev

Written and Directed by
Tammy Burnstock and John Anderson

Tammy Burnstock

John Anderson

Nadia Roden

Peter Dasent

Motion Graphics Design
Michelle French

Saskia and Luella Brown
Art Shay
Bruce Kimmel
Cat Jones
Jacquelyn Ford Morie
Lizzie Ostrom
Tammy Burnstock
Carmen Laube
Jack Cardiff
Charles Ziarko
David Strohmaier
Leonard Maltin
Ben Mankiewicz
Avery Gilbert
Susan Jane Todd
Saskia Wilson-Brown
Philippe Wittwer (the voice of Hans Laube)
Chandler Burr
Neal Harris
John Foley
Bel Deliá
Antonio Gardoni
Luca Turin
Randy Gitsch
Olivier Riquelme
Beverly Bentley

Dave Strohmaier, Projectionist Per Tofte Nielsen, Tammy Burnstock and Randy Gitsch in Copenhagen, October 2015. Randy holding "Scent number 3," the cue to release ‘A salty sea breeze. Image by Thomas Hauerslev

Carmen Laube
Susan Jane Todd
David Strohmaier
John Sittig
Saskia Wilson-Brown
Neal Harris
Erica DeGlopper
Lile Judickas
Derrin Brown
Cory Garrett Rose
John Foley
Randy Gitsch
Tom March
Harrison Engle
Bruce Kimmel
Brian Jamieson
Thomas Hauerslev
Brendan Young
Cathy McQuade
Maija Rove
Laurence McManus
Varcha Sidwell
Jaslyn Hall
Stephen Burstow
Josh Brown
Michael Harsanyi
Darin Klein
Nathan and Kym Mewett
Thomas Bissegger
Geoff, Nomi, Aviva, Dina Burnstock
Rebekah and Rachael Delaney
May Hong Haduong and Andrew Bradburn,
Institute for Art and Olfaction, Friends with Pipettes

In HOLLYWOOD, TCM Classic Film Festival Staff and Volunteers:
Lindsey Griffin
Chapin Cutler (Boston Light and Sound)
Dan Beedy, Adam Harris Engelhard,
Charles Ziarko, Lincoln Morrison, John Hora,
Doug Knapp, Kurt Wahlner, Sean Menzies,
Tobin Larson, George McCann, Lorenzo Paschal

In BRADFORD, Duncan McGregor and Team:
Lisa Brooke, Jay Arnold, Symon Culpan,
Keiko Shimamura, Jack Wentworth-Weedon,
Bethany Holden, Dominic Vinton, Kathrine Meyer,
Saul Sebag-Montifiore, Kelly Moffitt

Cinerama Dome, Hollywood 2016. The audience gets ready to help deliver the smells for "Scent of Mystery” revival for the TCM Classic Film Festival. Image by Mike Cahill

In COPENHAGEN, Rasmus Brendstrup and Team:
Per Tofte Nielsen, Jørgensen Mads Toft Hansen,
Gustav Hoder, Nina Neyra, Trevor Smith,
Sabitha Sofia, Brooke Beledon,
Victoria Routhier, Nina El-Diamante Negro

Varcha Sidwell
John Anderson
Harrison Engle
Tammy Burnstock

Daniel Raim
Carolyn Saul

Mike Cahill
Robert Garren
Armin Balg
Sebastian Lama
Mia Barker
Genevieve Russell
Christos Lolos
Peter Trilling
Laurence McManus
Doug Knapp
Brendan Young

Mike O'Brien

DSC_7709Scent artistes in Copenhagen, getting ready for Tammy Burnstock's scented "Scent of Mystery" show, October 2018.

Tammy Burnstock

SCENTS by Saskia Wison-Brown, The Institute for Art and Olfaction
Neal Harris, Scentevents & Harris Fragrances
‘Scent of Mystery’ fragrance by Antonio Gardoni, bogue-profumo
WARDROBE by John Foley

Catherine Stone, Anna D’Errico, Conor McTeague, Stella Egan, Judy Vaknin,
John Boyd, Liz Roxburgh, Charles Ziarko, Anna Haywood,
Vivian, Alisa and Miri Hirschfeld, Denise Viera, Grant Osborne, Sylvia Hobbs,
Gary Greenberg, Aviva Burnstock, Sophie Emtage, Maija Rove,
Beth Taylor, KJ, Sally Zwartz, Catherine Strohmaier,
Maureen Miller, Paige Livingston, Daniel and Judith Keyser,
Wendy Chandler and anonymous supporters.

Dedicated to the memory of Hans Laube
(22 February 1900 – 18 January 1976)

©2019 Mortifying Moments Pty Ltd
Anderson Productions, Inc.


About the film makers

Carmen Laube, daughter of Hans Laube, the Godfather of Smell-O-Vision! and Tammy Burnstock with the "Smell Brain"

John Anderson is an Emmy-winning and Grammy nominated Director, Executive Producer and Editor. In Glorious Smell-O-Vision! his fourth nose-related project, following work with Pete Townshend, Tiny Tim and punk rocker Skafish. Recent work includes blues documentary "Born In Chicago" and "Horn From The Heart: The Paul Butterfield Story".

Tammy Burnstock is an Australian scented storyteller. She recently event-produced a "Scent of Mystery" (1960) revival in participatory Smell-O-Vision! For the National Science and Media Museum in the UK, for the Danish Film Institute in Copenhagen (Denmark) and for the TCM Classic Film Festival at the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood, USA.

Saskia Wilson-Brown is Founder and Executive Director of the Institute for Art and Olfaction: a non-profit organisation devoted to access, education and experimentation with scent. She was the scent-producer for "Scent of Mystery" revival events and has created new scents for "In Glorious Smell-O-Vision!"

Release plans, and more information


All senses were engaged and the audience responded enthusiastically as this taster of comments from post screening questionnaire contests:

“Unique and with a lot of humour”, “fun and different”, “interesting beyond my expectations”, “it made the scenes more immediate”, “it gave you an extra dimension”, “Takes you into the movie”, “Overwhelming and a special experience”, So much fun!”

Scented screenings coming soon! Plans are underway for a touring roadshow. In Glorious Smell-O-Vision! along with cartoon "A Tale of Old Whiff" (1960). North America, New Zealand, Denmark, Belgium and the UK so far. Please get in touch with Tammy Burnstock if you would like to organize a screening near you.

Have a look at the teams previous scented events here: In Glorious Events demo

2014: National Science and Media Museum, Bradford, UK
2015: Danish Film Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark
2016: Scented Storytelling @ the 2016 TCM Classic Film Festival, Cinerama Dome, Los Angeles, USA


In Glorious Trailer


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Updated 31-01-20