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12th Todd-AO Festival at the Schauburg
30. September - 2. October, 2016

The 70mm Newsletter
Written and organized by: Herbert Born & Thomas Hauerslev, Schauburg Cinerama Theatre, Karlsruhe, Germany Date: 02.04.2016
Updated 21-01-24
KARLSRUHE, April 2016 / in70mm.com news. We have launched the 12th instalment of the “Todd-AO 70mm Festival“ to be held from 30. September - 2. October, 2016 at the Schauburg Cinerama in Karlsruhe, in the south West of Germany. For three days in October Filmtheater Schauburg celebrates the world of LARGE FORMAT film, by offering a series of epic films in 70mm - the Ultra HD of film formats.

The Todd-AO Festival at the Schauburg is about going to the movies in style. Seeing the films at the Schauburg is like seeing the films as they were originally presented - in a big cinema, on a huge curved screen with red curtains. It's all about showmanship and presentation, and very few cinemas today - if any - do it better than the staff of the Schauburg.

From vintage classics to the latest Roadshow 70mm films, all of which proudly carry trade names of large format motion picture processes. The festival is much more than 70mm films. Enjoy Schauburg's famous breakfast buffet, listen to lectures and witness a special section with rarely seen 70mm short films. On Friday night, festival sponsor the local brewery Hoepfner traditionally hosts a ”Hoepfner Get together” with free beers. Included in the ticket is also the 40-48 page full-color printed souvenir program especially made for the Todd-AO Festival. It includes detailed information and pictures of the films shown, as well as an article or two, relevant to the weekend. A treasure to take home and keep. All free of charge and included in the festival ticket.

Join us and be part of this unique event and share the excitement together with visitors from all around the world - including Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, Denmark, England, USA, Japan, Sweden and France - and hopefully many more. Some films are in their original English versions and some "70mm Vintage Classics", are dubbed into German. Due to the age of the prints, many have lost their color and are faded. But they are ORIGINAL premiere 70mm prints from the 1960s. Like all modern cinemas, The Schauburg enjoys the benefits and advantages of digital projection technology, but the "Todd-AO Festival Policy" is simple. NO DIGITAL! No compromise at the Schauburg where 70mm is concerned! That is our Todd-AO Festival hall mark, as we honour 60 years of 70mm projectionist tradition, and present film as they were meant to be presented, on genuine 70MM film, done by real people.

One of very few original cinemas, still equipped with 70mm projectors. A new Harkness screen was installed  for the 11th Todd-AO Festival in 2015. The screen is 16,15 meters wide along the curve, screen chord is 14 meters, Todd-AO height is 6,4 meters, and the depth of the screen is 3,45 meters. Projection distance is 23,8 meters, radius is 8,8 meters and screen curvature is approximately 105 degrees. The curved screen has both vertical and horizontal moveable masking and covered with a "Cinerama red" curtain.

"No expenses are spared to give you the very best experience.", says Herbert Born, and he continues: "It is a Harkness Perlux 140 with a 1,4 gain which helps to reduce the cross reflections of the deeply curved Cinerama screen at the Schauburg."

More in 70mm reading:

Todd-AO Festival Home
12. Todd-AO Festival
Wilkommen | Welcome
Intro | Festival Images
2016 Festival Flyer (PDF)

Festival Archives
Festival Through the Years
Festival S
chedule and Archive
More Schauburg Cinerama

Festivals in Pictures
Schauburg Cinerama
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Internet link:
• Ticket reservation

Filmtheater Schauburg
Att: Herbert Born
Marienstraße 16
76137 Karlsruhe

• "in 70mm" is unlike anything you have ever seen - a High Definition movie experience with extremely sharp images and crystal clear 6 track stereo.
• "in 70mm" is very realistic, almost three dimensional and can make everything you have ever seen pale into insignificance. But don't take our word for it - come and see for your self.

All 70mm films will be projected by vintage and historically correct Philips DP70 and DP75 projectors. Magnetic sound by Dolby Laboratories sound equipment and state of the art Alcon speakers.

Herbert Born
Filmtheater Schauburg

Tickets will be available for purchase in August 2016. For more information about the film festival, including screening times, visit: www.schauburg.de and www.in70mm.com in the fall of 2016.

Media contact; Herbert Born

Latest news:
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Todd-AO Festival Film Introductions, 2016
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70MM is a Pretty Good Reason - Foreword for 2016
Schauburg 2016 Todd-AO Festival Flyer
"2OO1" & Jan Harlan goes to Karlsruhe
70MM at the Schauburg
Portrait of the Schauburg Cinerama
• A DP70, DP75 and a Bauer U2 will be on display during the festival

Festival Highlights:
Todd-AO Festival Program 2005-2015
• PDF: Alle 70mm Filme in Karlsruhe 2005-2015 by Werner Neuner
Schauburg Cinerama, Home of The Todd-AO Festival
Todd-AO Festival Archive

Todd-AO Festival - Weekend 70MM Film Program
= German language version.


Thursday, 29. September 2016 - Festival warm-up

The Schauburg Cinerama's practical information
Einzelticket pro Film 12,00
Einzelticket pro Film Student 9,00
Einzelticket Kind (bis 14 Jahren) 5,00

Tagespass (1 Tag) für alle Veranstaltungen des Tages inkl. Verpflegung 50,00
Tagespass (1 Tag) Student 40,00
Festivalpass (3 Tage) für alle Festivalveranstaltungen 120,00
Festivalpass (3 Tage) Student 85,00

The weekend pass includes entrance to all screenings at the festival, the festival brochure. The Weekend Pass also includes the following additional bonuses:

• Welcome Coffee/Tee, Softdrink on arrival
• Festival Program brochure
• Entrance to Friday's get together with free beer specialties from the local HOEPFNER brewery
• Breakfast buffet on Saturday and Sunday morning at 09.00 in the SCHAUBURG Cinerama lounge
• Dinner break on Friday
• Complimentary lunch and dinner break on Saturday and Sunday
• Meet the film people

Schauburg Ticket reservation

"2OO1" & Jan Harlan goes to Karlsruhe
By Thomas Hauerslev

Jan Harlan will introduce a digital screening of "2OO1: A Space Odyssey" on September 29th, at the Schauburg. Jan have flown over from London especially to be with us that night. Throughout the weekend, we are quite sure, that "2OO1" in 2K, surely will be a topic of passionate discussions among the audience and 7OMM fans alike. Hopefully there will be no extremely odd things going on, and "2OO1" will look and sound better than ever. Please welcome Jan Harlan with us at the Schauburg.

• Go to Schnitzled-up with Jan Harlan in Karlsruhe

20:00 Festival warm-up
Original titel: 2OO1: A Space Odyssey / USA 1968. Filmed in Super Panavision 70 (2,21:1). Presented in 2K DCP Cinerama (2,20:1) / 6 track digital stereo / 142 minutes. World premiere: 02.04.1968. German premiere: 11.11.1968.

Produktion: Stanley Kubrick. Regie: Stanley Kubrick. Buch: Stanley Kubrick, Arthur C. Clarke. Vorlage: Arthur C. Clarke (Kurzgeschichte). Kamera: Geoffrey Unsworth, John Alcott. Musik: Aram Khatschaturian, Richard Strauss, Johann Strauß, György Ligeti. Schnitt: Ray Lovejoy

Keir Dullea (David Bowman), Gary Lockwood (Frank Poole), William Sylvester (Dr. Heywood Floyd), Leonard Rossiter (Smyslov), Daniel Richter (Mondbeobachter), Robert Beatty (Halvorsen), Frank Miller (Chef der Expedition), Ed Bishop

Ein geheimnisvoller schwarzer Monolith, der offenbar von Außerirdischen stammt, beeinflusst in grauer Vorzeit die Entstehung von Intelligenz und den "Aufbruch der Menschheit", wird Jahrtausende später von Wissenschaftlern auf dem Mond entdeckt und lockt ein Forschungsraumschiff in Richtung Jupiter. Die Mission endet nach dem Versagen des Bordcomputers mit einer Katastrophe; der einzig überlebende Astronaut begegnet der außerirdischen Macht und erfährt eine kosmische Wiedergeburt. Kubricks fantastisches Kinoabenteuer vereint technische Utopie und kulturphilosophische Spekulation zu einer Weltraumoper von überwältigendem Ausmaß. Der kühne gedankliche Entwurf des Films (eine Entwicklungsgeschichte der Menschheit voller Skepsis und bitterer Ironie) wird mit nicht minder kühnen optischen Effekten und einer revolutionären Tricktechnik realisiert, die das Genre des Science-Fiction-Films in den folgenden Jahren entscheidend prägten. (Quelle: Film-Dienst)

Roadshow version with intermission

Academy Awards
• Best Effects, Special Visual Effects: Stanley Kubrick
Academy Awards Nominated
• Best Director: Stanley Kubrick
• Best Writing, Story and Screenplay: Stanley Kubrick & Arthur C. Clarke
• Best Art Direction-Set Decoration: Anthony Masters, Harry Lange & Ernest Archer

Stanley Kubrick's "2OO1: A Space Odyssey"
Douglas Trumbull - A Conversation
The Importance of Panavision

"2OO1: A Space Odyssey" is shown outside official Todd-AO Festival program. Separate price applies.

Friday, 30. September 2016

Festival Welcome
Welcome to the 12thy Todd-AO Festival. Meet and greet friends of 70mm and curved screens. Talk about vinegar, pink prints and the big classics.

This festival, dedicated to a movie format nearly 60 years old, is a dream for a lot of movie fans around the world. Today, movies and cinemas have reached a time of change – a change from film based to digital cinema and a change in the way movies are felt and understood. We are sure, that our “Todd-AO 70mm Festival” presented on the curved screen of the Schauburg not only will make you remember cinema-going from a time long ago, but also make you aware of the responsibility we all have: To honour the genius of so many people who have given us stories and unforgettable moments in breathtaking and crystal clear large format pictures.

Let us hope, that the splendour of 70mm not only serves our nostalgic dreams, but also offers the chance for a young audience to experience a historic and magic landmark of cinema.

Herbert Born
Schauburg Kino
Karlsruhe, Germany

11:00 - 13:20 "Wiedersehen in Howards End"

Original title: Howard's End / USA 1992. Filmed in Super 35. Presented in 70mm (2,20:1) / 6 track Dolby Stereo. German version / 140 minutes / Original premiere print. World Premiere: 13.03.1992. German premiere: 29.10.1992.

Produktion: Ismail Merchant, Ann Wingate. Regie: James Ivory. Buch: Ruth Prawer Jhabvala. Vorlage: E.M. Forster (Roman). Kamera: Tony Pierce-Roberts. Musik: Richard Robbins. Schnitt: Andrew Marcus

Darsteller: Emma Thompson (Margret Schlegel), Anthony Hopkins (Henry Wilcox), Vanessa Redgrave (Ruth Wilcox), Helena Bonham Carter (Helen Schlegel), James Wilby (Charles Wilcox), Samuel West (Leonard Bast), Prunella Scales (Tante Juley), Jemma Redgrave (Evie Wilcox)

Kunstvoll ausgemaltes Gesellschafts- und Sittenbild aus dem viktorianischen England um die Jahrhundertwende, wo sich Persönlichkeiten aus zwei Familien mit erzkonservativen Auffassungen und emanzipatorischen Idealen in den dadurch ausgelösten Liebesschicksalen und Lebenskrisen gegenüberstehen. Die Verfilmung folgt zwar genau dem psychologischen Wahrheitsgehalt der Vorlage, stumpft ihre ironisch-kritische Gesellschaftsbelichtung aber durch schwelgerische Ästhetik ab. Sie verschenkt zugunsten einer gepflegt-nostalgischen Unterhaltung die Chance, den Gegensatz von gesellschaftlich bedingtem "Scheinleben" und wirklicher Persönlichkeitsstruktur und Lebensempfindung zu einem zeitlos ansprechenden Gleichnis zu formen. Hervorragend gespielt und fotografiert. (Quelle: Film-Dienst)

Academy Awards, USA 1993
Best Actress in a Leading Role
Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published
Best Art Direction-Set Decoration

Academy Awards Nominated
Best Picture
Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Best Director
Best Cinematography
Best Costume Design
Best Music, Original Score

70mm Blow Up List 1992 - by in70mm.com
Grant's Blow-Up-Tagebuch


Go to Presented in 70mm Dolby Stereo

Coffee & Kuchen / Afternoon tea & coffee
"Roadshow", "Six-track", "Intermission", "Curved screen", "Epic" -- all familiar words for the knowledgeable 70mm fan. Words we all know and love, because we know what they mean: A return to the Schauburg in Karlsruhe, and the annual gathering of fans of large format film. 3 days where we all go wide-eyed for 12 hours each day.

In the Splendor of 70mm
In the Splendor of 70mm

14:30 - 17:03 "Empire of the Sun"

Original title: Empire of the Sun / USA 1987. Filmed in Widescreen 1,85:1. Presented in 70mm (1,85:1) / 6 track Dolby Stereo. English version / 153 minutes / Original premiere print. World premiere: 09.12.1987. German premiere: 10.03.1988.

Produktion: Steven Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall. Regie: Steven Spielberg. Buch: Tom Stoppard. Vorlage: J.G. Ballard (Roman). Kamera: Allen Daviau. Musik: John Williams. Schnitt: Michael Kahn

Darsteller: Christian Bale (Jim), John Malkovich (Basie), Miranda Richardson (Mrs. Victor), Nigel Havers (Dr. Rawlins), Joe Pantoliano (Frank Demarest), Leslie Phillips (Maxton), Masatô Ibu (Sgt. Nagata), Emily Richard (Mary Graham), Rupert Frazer (John Graham), Ben Stiller (Dainty), Robert Stephens (Mr. Lockwood), Ralph Michael (Mr. Partridge)

Die Evakuierung Shanghais und der japanisch-chinesische Krieg als Hintergrund für die dramatische Fluchtgeschichte eines zwölfjährigen Engländers im Jahr 1941. Der mit immensem Aufwand inszenierte Film imponiert vor allem in den Massenszenen; er ist darüber hinaus hervorragend gespielt von dem jungen Hauptdarsteller, dessen Perspektive er rigoros übernimmt. Damit wird er jedoch über weite Strecken zu melodramatisch und bleibt zu wenig informativ. (Quelle: Film-Dienst)

Academy Awards, USA 1988 Nominated
Oscar Best Cinematography
Best Art Direction-Set Decoration
Best Costume Design
Best Sound
Best Film Editing
Best Music, Original Score

70mm Blow Up List 1987 - by in70mm.com


Dinner/Imbiß - Break. Gemeinsames Essen / Buffett
Join us and be part of this unique event and share the excitement together with visitors from all around the world - including Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, Denmark, England, USA, Sweden and France - and hopefully many more.

19:00 - 21:31 "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice"

Original title: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice / USA 2016. Filmed in Panavision 2;39:1 + 5/65mm + IMAX 65mm. Presented in 70mm (2,20:1) / 6 track DATASAT stereo. English version / 151 minutes / Original premiere print. World premiere: 12.03.2016 (Beijing. German premiere: 24.03.2016.

Produktion: Charles Roven, Deborah Snyder, Curt Kanemoto, Jim Rowe, Gregor Wilson. Regie: Zack Snyder. Buch: Chris Terrio, David S. Goyer
Kamera: Larry Fong. Musik: Junkie XL, Hans Zimmer. Schnitt: David Brenner

Darsteller: Henry Cavill (Clark Kent / Superman), Ben Affleck (Bruce Wayne / Batman), Amy Adams (Lois Lane), Jesse Eisenberg (Lex Luthor), Diane Lane (Martha Kane), Laurence Fishburne (Perry White), Jeremy Irons (Alfred Pennyworth), Holly Hunter (Finch), Gal Gadot (Diana Prince / Wonder Woman), Jason Momoa (Arthur Curry / Aquaman), Ezra Miller (Barry Allen / The Flash), Ray Fisher (Victor Stone / Cyborg), Harry Lennix (General Swanwick), Michael Shannon (Zod), Tao Okamoto (Mercy Graves)

Als außerirdische Schurken Metropolis zerstören, wendet sich die öffentliche Stimmung gegen den Superhelden Superman. Vor allem dessen Kollege Batman zweifelt an Supermans Verlässlichkeit und stellt sich ihm entgegen, während ein gemeinsamer Feind eine neue Bedrohung ausheckt. Bombastisches Action- und Heldenspektakel, hinter dessen zahlreichen Kampf- und Explosionssequenzen sich eine krude Zerstörungsästhetik bar jeder Ironie offenbart. Sowohl als Fortsetzung von gleich zwei Filmreihen als auch als Scharnier zu einem ganzen Superhelden-Universum ist der unkonzentrierte Film zudem erzählerisch überlastet. (Quelle: Film-Dienst)

Batman vs. Superman in 15/70 IMAX 70mm‏
March Madness: "Batman v. Superman"

From 21:45 Get together with Hoepfner and friends

Herbert Born, theatre manager of the Schauburg will again - personally - and with great skills, serve chilled Hoepfner Brau to everyone after "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" adventure. The Get Together is always very popular, so be sure to stand in line. Our friend at Hoepfner Brau have have kindly sponsored the beer.

Pictures from 11th Todd-AO Festival

Saturday, 1. October 2016

09.00 - 10.00 Full 70mm Breakfast
Full weekend Schauburg 70mm Breakfast for festival pass holders in Schauburg Cinerama Lounge on the 1st. floor.

Schauburg Kino's famous breakfast menu. Enjoy hot and cold with bread, pretzels fresh fruit. Hot sausages, scrambled eggs and bacon. Butter, honey and jam. Salami, smoked salmon, ham and apples served with juice, milk, coffe and the (green & black) and something for the sweet tooth too!

7OMM Short Films Parade
10:00 - 11:00

"Concorde", 1966

Written and Directed by Pierre Jallaud. Produced by Sylve Jallaud. Photography Georges Barsky. Editing Philippe Gosselet. An Objectifs Production

Randy Gitsch (2009): "An Anglo-French production, directed by Pierre Jallaud, and for Open University Productions. This is a background sketch on the about-to-be-unveiled supersonic airplane that I must admit, keeps you in suspense. Be sure to check out the shoes worn by the wing-makers in Toulouse."

"Bridge to Space", 1968

Directed by Robert Gaffney. Produced by Charles R. Trieschmann. Edited by Angeleo Ross, A.C.E. Cinerama Inc. and Seneca Productions. Technicolor

Randy Gitsch (2009): “Bridge to Space" (1968) was directed by “Cinerama Holiday”, "Windjammer" and "Sky over Holland" widescreen veteran Robert Gaffney, for N.A.S.A. and Gaffney’s own Seneca Productions. Shot on Merritt Island and at Cape Canaveral, and inside what was then, and may still be, the largest building in the world. Bob Gaffney told me last week that N.A.S.A. insisted on making a shorter, cut-down version of this picture for television, which he then disowned".

Interview with producer Randy Gitsch
The History of 70mm Short Subjects

11:00 - 12:15 "Секрет успеха / Sekret uspekha / Bolshoi Ballet 67"

Original title: Секрет Yспеха / Sekret Uspekha / Bolshoi Ballet 67 USSR 1965. Filmed in Sovscope 70. Presented in 70mm (2,20:1) / 6 track magnetic stereo. German version / 75 minutes / Original premiere print. World Premiere: 17.03.1965. East German premiere: 25.12.1965.

Regie: Leonid Lawrowski, Alexander Schelenkow. Buch: Lew Arnschtam, Leonid Lawrowski, Alexander Schelenkow. Kamera: Alexander Schelenkow, J. Tschen
Musik: Nikolai Jakowlew. Darsteller: Raissa Strutschkowa, A. Ossipenko, E. Maximowa, Natalja Bessmertnowa

Fleiß, Hingabe und Entbehrungen bestimmen den Lebensweg sowjetischer Tänzer. Szenen aus der Werkstatt des Bolschoi-Theaters; ein sehr konventioneller Ballettfilm. (Quelle: Film-Dienst)

Sovscope 70 - 70mm Films in USSR
Foreign 70mm Films in Russia

13:15 – 15:24 "Gorillas im Nebel"

Original title: Gorillas in the Mist Filmed in: 35mm 4 perforations, 24 frames per second. Principal photography in: Panavision sherical 1,85:1. Presented in: 70mm (1,85:1) / 6 track Dolby Stereo. German version / 129 minutes / Original premiere print. Aspect ratio: 1,85:1. Country of origin: USA. Production year: 1988. World Premiere: 7. October 1988. German premiere: 2. February 1989

Produktion: Arne Glimcher, Terence Clegg. Regie: Michael Apted. Buch: Anna Hamilton Phelan. Vorlage: Dian Fossey (Autobiografie), Harold T.P. Hayes (Artikel). Kamera: John Seale. Musik: Maurice Jarre. Schnitt: Stuart Baird

Darsteller: Sigourney Weaver (Dian Fossey), Bryan Brown (Bob Campbell), Julie Harris (Roz Carr), John Omirah Miluwi (Sembagare), Iain Cuthbertson (Dr. Louis Leakey)

Die Lebensgeschichte der amerikanischen Anthropologin Dian Fossey, die in den unzugänglichen Bergen Ruandas das Verhalten der vom Aussterben bedrohten Gorillas studiert. Sie entwickelt eine starke Beziehung zu den Menschenaffen, denen sie sogar ihre Liebe zum Fotografen Bob Campbell opfert. Ihre zunehmende Verschrobenheit und ihr unerbittlicher Kampf gegen Wilderer münden schließlich in ihrer Ermordung. Obwohl etwas zu einseitig der Faszination von Person und Aufgabe erliegend, entwirft der an Ort und Stelle gedrehte Film die eindrucksvolle Geschichte eines modernen wissenschaftlichen Abenteuers. (Quelle: Film-Dienst)

Academy Awards, USA 1990 Nominated
Oscar Best Actress in a Leading Role
Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium
Best Sound
Best Film Editing
Best Music, Original Score

70mm Blow Up List 1988 - by in70mm.com

Coffee & Kuchen / Afternoon tea & coffee
This is a BIG weekend, in the BIG film format on our a BIG screen. Be a part of this unique event and share the excitement together with visitors from all around the world - including Germany, Denmark, England, USA and France - and hopefully many more.

For three days "Filmtheater Schauburg", presents a dozen classic film epics in the king of all film formats: 70mm. This is a High Definition movie experience with extremely sharp images and vintage clear 6-track stereo.

In the Splendor of 70mm
In the Splendor of 70mm

Johan Wolthus is attending The 12th Todd-AO Festival
Johan Wolthuis (1940), Dutch 70mm enthusiast of the International 70mm Publishers and Widescreen Academy member, will be present in Karlsruhe on the occasion of the 12th Todd-AO Festival. Johan will be present to talk about his passion for 70mm, sell his latest publication "Widescreen History", and do book signing during the 70MM Event.

Additionally Johan will bring his large format scrapbooks about Oklahoma!, Lawrence of Arabia, Far and Away and Around the World in 80 Days, the latter with many pictures of Michael Todd and Elizabeth Taylor.

The 2014 publication “WIDESCREEN HISTORY” will be for sale in Karlsruhe (signing included!) for € 13.50, £ 12.50, or US$ 19.50.

Johan Wolthuis looks forward to seeing you in Karlsruhe

16:15 - 18:30 "The Hunt for Red October"

Original title: The Hunt for Red October Filmed in: 35mm 4 perforations, 24 frames per second. Principal photography in: Panavision. Presented in: 70mm (2,21:1) / 6 track Dolby Stereo. Format 43, SR-type NR, Baby Boom & split surrounds  / 135 minutes / Original premiere print. Aspect ratio: 2,21:1. Country of origin: USA. Production year: 1990. World Premiere: 02.03.1990. German premiere: 9 August 1990

Produktion: Mace Neufeld. Regie: John McTiernan. Buch: Larry Ferguson, Donald Stewart. Vorlage: Tom Clancy (Roman). Kamera: Jan de Bont. Musik: Basil Poledouris. Schnitt: Dennis Virkler, John Wright

Darsteller: Sean Connery (Kapitän Marko Ramius), Alec Baldwin (Jack Ryan), Scott Glenn (Captain Bart Mancuso), James Earl Jones (Admiral James Greer), Sam Neill (Kapitän Wassili Borodin), Joss Ackland (Andrej Lysenko), Richard Jordan (Jeffrey Pelt), Peter Firth (Iwan Putin), Tim Curry (Dr. Jewgeni Petrow), Courtney B. Vance (Seaman Jones), Stellan Skarsgård (Capt. Viktor Tupolew), Jeffrey Jones (Skip Tyler), Timothy Carhart (Bill Steiner), Larry Ferguson (Bootschef), Fred Dalton Thompson (Admiral Painter), Daniel Davis (Capt. Davenport), Ned Vaughn (Seaman Beaumont)

Ein russischer Kommandant steuert sein mit Geheimtechnik ausgestattetes Atom-U-Boot im Alleingang auf die amerikanische Ostküste zu. Beide Nationen sind über seine Beweggründe im unklaren und versuchen, das abtrünnige Schiff im Niemandsland zu orten. Technisch aufwendig und eindrucksvoll inszenierter Film, dessen Kalte-Kriegs-Geschichte angesichts einer differenzierteren politischen Landschaft recht antiquiert erscheint. (Quelle: Film-Dienst)

Academy Awards, USA 1991
Oscar Best Effects, Sound Effects Editing

Academy Awards, USA 1991 Nominated
Oscar Best Sound
Best Film Editing

70mm Blow Up List 1990 - by in70mm.com

Dinner/Imbiß - Break. Gemeinsames Essen / Buffett
Since the dawn of cinema the standard film size has been 35mm film, but for certain films, the larger 65mm negative was used in the camera to ensure the best possible image quality. The benefit was a clearer and sharper screen image compared to "inferior" 35mm films. The "big" films often premiered in the largest cinemas, featuring huge screens that were often deeply curved - compared to contemporary flat screens. The curvature of the screen had an enveloping effect on the audience which gave them a feeling of participation in the action on the screen.

20:00 - 23:07 "The Hateful Eight"

Original title: The Hateful Eight / USA 2015. Filmed in Ultra Panavision 70, 2;79:1. Presented in 70mm (2,79:1) / 6 track DATASAT stereo. English version / 187 minutes / Original premiere print, with 3 min 48 sec overture, including 12 min intermission. World premiere: 25.12.2015. German premiere: 28.01.2016.

Produktion: Richard N. Gladstein, Shannon McIntosh, Stacey Sher. Regie: Quentin Tarantino. Buch: Quentin Tarantino. Kamera: Robert Richardson. Musik: Ennio Morricone. Schnitt: Fred Raskin

Darsteller: Samuel L. Jackson (Major Marquis Warren), Kurt Russell (John Ruth), Jennifer Jason Leigh (Daisy Domergue), Walton Goggins (Sheriff Chris Mannix), Tim Roth (Oswaldo Mobray), Demian Bichir (Bob), Michael Madsen (Joe Gage), Bruce Dern (General Sandy Smithers), Channing Tatum (Jody), Zoë Bell (Six-Horse Judy), Dana Gourrier (Minny), James Parks (O.B. Jackson), Lee Horsley (Ed), Gene Jones (Sweet Dave)

Ein Kopfgeldjäger und seine Gefangene landen mit der Postkutsche in einem verschneiten Städtchen in Wyoming, wo sie ein Schneesturm in eine Hütte zwingt, in der sechs undurchsichtige Gestalten sie in ein Wortgefecht verstricken, das auf eine gewaltsame Eruption zusteuert. Was als (Schnee-)Western beginnt, erinnert in der kunstvollen Mischung aus Klaustrophobie, Paranoia und gegenseitigen Verdächtigungen immer mehr an eine Agatha-Christie-Verfilmung. Die Inszenierung betont durch ihr extremes Breitwandformat die bedrängende Enge, die detailreichen Bilder zeigen jede Pore, die Darsteller haben sichtlich Freude an ihren überzeichneten Rollen. Trotz solch formaler Originalität haftet dem Film aber ein ernüchternder Beigeschmack an: Noch bombastischer lässt sich ein Kammerspiel kaum noch aufblasen. (Quelle: Film-Dienst)

Academy Awards, USA 2016
Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Score

Academy Awards Nominated
Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role
Best Achievement in Cinematography

"The Hateful Eight" Production Notes
Quentin Tarantino's "The Hateful Eight" in Ultra Panavision 70
Motion pictures photographed in MGM Camera 65 / Ultra Panavision 70

 The Hateful Eight continuity
 The Hateful Eight roadshow instructions

Sunday, 2. October 2016

09.00 - 10.00 Full 70mm Breakfast
Full weekend Schauburg 70mm Breakfast for festival pass holders in Schauburg Cinerama Lounge on the 1st. floor.

Schauburg Kino's famous breakfast menu. Enjoy hot and cold with bread, pretzels fresh fruit. Hot sausages, scrambled eggs and bacon. Butter, honey and jam. Salami, smoked salmon, ham and apples served with juice, milk, coffe and the (green & black) and something for the sweet tooth too!

"Across the Atlantic for 7OMM". Sunday Lecture @ 10:00
A travelogue from Europe to Hollywood and back again. Join the adventure of the "7OMM Promotion Tour, 1994". A look inside film production and exhibition in San Francisco and Los Angeles, when things were still on film. Presented in blazing PowerPoint as an old fashioned slide show with comments. See the offices of Dolby Laboratories, Panavision, Todd-AO, laboratories, cinemas and much more with stills, rarely presented in public before. A 40 minute lecture bookended by a short large format demonstration film presented at 30 frames pr. second. Presented by Thomas Hauerslev, in70mm.com

11.00 - 12:43 "Dick Tracy"

Original title: Dick Tracy / USA 1990. Filmed in spherical 1,85:1. Presented in 70mm (1,85:1) / 6 track Dolby Stereo. German version / 103 minutes / Original premiere print. World Premiere: 14.06.1990. German premiere: 27.09.1990.

Produktion: Warren Beatty. Regie: Warren Beatty. Buch: Jim Cash, Jack Epps jr. Vorlage: Chester Gould (Comic-Strip-Charaktere). Kamera: Vittorio Storaro, Bill Neil. Musik: Danny Elfman. Schnitt: Richard Marks

Darsteller: Warren Beatty (Dick Tracy), Madonna (Heiserchen Mahoney), Charlie Korsmo (Der Junge), Glenne Headly (Tess Trueheart), Al Pacino (Big Boy Caprice), Dustin Hoffman (Murmler), James Keane (Pat Patton), Seymour Cassel (Sam Catchem), Michael J. Pollard (Bug Bailey), Charles Durning (Chief Brandon), Dick van Dyke (John Fletcher), Frank Campanella (Richter Harper), William Forsythe (Flattop), Ed O'Ross (Itchy), James Tolkan (Numbers), Mandy Patinkin (88 Schlüssel), R.G. Armstrong (Pflaumengesicht), Henry Silva (Influence), Paul Sorvino (Lips Manlis), James Caan (Spaldoni), Catherine O'Hara (Texie Garcia), Robert Beecher (Ribs Mocca), Kathy Bates (Mrs. Green), Bert Remsen (Bartender), Estelle Parsons (Mrs. Trueheart), Ian Wolfe (Fälscher), Mary Woronov (Wohlfahrtsvertreterin), Henry Jones (Nachtportier), Mike Mazurki (Alter Mann im Hotel)

Der Polizeidetektiv Dick Tracy zwischen Gangstern, verführerischem Vamp, verständnisvoller Freundin und einem tapferen kleinen Jungen, den er aus den Slums befreit. Der dem 50 Jahren alten Comic-Cartoon von Chester Gould nachgestaltete Film entwirft für seinen Helden eine Kinowelt, die ihre Anregungen ebenso aus den Comic Strips wie aus den Filmen der 30er und 40er Jahre bezieht. Fantasievoll und unterhaltsam inszeniert, raffiniert durch Kunstgriffe und Prinzipien, nach denen die Themenkomplexe des Films - Kampf gegen den Mob, Versuchung durch den Vamp, romantische Bindungen - organisiert werden. Für die verschiedenen Emotionsebenen werden visuelle Formeln (etwa in der Verwendung von Primärfarben) entwickelt, wobei diese filmische Struktur eine immer engere Verbindung mit der Kreation der Comic-Welt eingeht; dabei wird die Gewalttätigkeit des Genres ins Spielerische aufgelöst. (Quelle: Film-Dienst)

Academy Awards, USA 1991
Best Art Direction-Set Decoration
Best Makeup
Best Music, Original Song

Academy Awards Nominated
Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Best Cinematography
Best Costume Design
Best Sound

70mm Blow Up List 1990 - by in70mm.com
PDF: To get the maximum out of "Dick Tracy"
PDF: Dick Tracy white gloves
Films presented in 70mm and 35mm Cinema Digital Sound

13:00 - 16:23 "Der Stoff aus dem die Helden sind"

Original title: The Right Stuff / USA 1983. Filmed in spherical 1,85:1. Presented in 70mm (1,85:1) / 6 track Dolby Stereo. German version / 193 minutes / Original premiere print. World Premiere: 21.10.1983. German premiere: 07.09.1984.

Produktion: Irwin Winkler, Robert Chartoff. Regie: Philip Kaufman. Buch: Philip Kaufman. Vorlage: Tom Wolfe (Roman "The Right Stuff"). Kamera: Caleb Deschanel. Musik: Bill Conti. Schnitt: Glenn Farr, Lisa Fruchtman, Stephen A. Rotter, Tom Rolf, Douglas Stewart

Darsteller: Sam Shepard (Chuck Yeager), Scott Glenn (Alan Shepard), Ed Harris (John Glenn), Dennis Quaid (Gordon Cooper), Fred Ward (Gus Grissom), Barbara Hershey (Glennis Yeager), Kim Stanley (Pancho Barnes), Veronica Cartwright (Betty Grissom), Pamela Reed (Trudy Cooper), Scott Paulin (Deke Slayton), Charles Frank (Scott Carpenter), Lance Henriksen (Wally Schirra), Donald Moffat (Lyndon B. Johnson), Levon Helm (Jack Ridley), Scott Wilson (Scott Crossfield), Kathy Baker (Louise Shepard)

Die Geschichte des amerikanischen Testpiloten Chuck Yeager, der 1947 als erster die Schallmauer durchbrach, verbunden mit der der sieben ersten Astronauten des amerikanischen Raumfahrtprogramms von 1959 bis 1963. Ein sowohl von spöttischer Ironie als auch von ehrlicher Bewunderung für diese "Helden der Nation" geprägter Film, der dank der mitreißenden Darstellung der extremen Flüge bis zum Schluß spannend bleibt. (Quelle: Film-Dienst)

Academy Awards, USA 1984
Best Sound
Best Film Editing
Best Effects, Sound Effects Editing
Best Music, Original Score

Academy Awards Nominated
Best Picture
Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Best Cinematography
Best Art Direction-Set Decoration

70mm Blow Up List 1983 - by in70mm.com

Coffee & Kuchen / Afternoon tea & coffee
Once again, the projector lens will light up the screen and show unbelievably sharp 70mm images of lesser-known and rarely seen films. Some of which only exist in this single 70mm print. Don’t forget, some of these films would be completely forgotten a long time ago, were it not for these rare 70mm prints. The sharpness will still make it a pleasant experience. And as much as you may hate in on TV, you will have fun seeing it in 70mm on the curve.

This is your opportunity to witness the grandeur and spectacle of nearly half a dozen Road-Show films on an authentic 70mm Cinerama cinema.

17:15 - 18:49 "The Little Shop of Horrors"

Original title: The Little Shop of Horrors / USA 1983. Filmed in Spherical widescreen. Presented in  70mm (1,85:1) / 6 track Dolby Stereo. Original premiere print 94 minutes / Original premiere print. World Premiere: 19.12.1986. German premiere: 14.05.1987.

Produktion: David Geffen. Regie: Frank Oz. Buch: Howard Ashman. Vorlage: Charles B. Griffith (Drehbuch zu "Kleiner Laden voller Schrecken" von 1960). Kamera: Robert Paynter. Musik: Alan Menken. Schnitt: John Jympson

Darsteller: Rick Moranis (Seymour Krelborn), Ellen Greene (Audrey), Vincent Gardenia (Mushnik), Steve Martin (Orin Scrivello), Bill Murray (Arthur Denton), Tichina Arnold (Crystal), Michelle Weeks (Ronette), Tisha Campbell-Martin (Chiffon), James Belushi (Patrick Martin), John Candy (Wink Wilkinson), Christopher Guest (Erster Kunde), Miriam Margolyes (Zahnarzthelferin)

Für den Angestellten eines Blumenladens bringt eine Pflanze, die sich von Menschenblut ernährt, nicht nur Wohlstand, Ansehen und Liebesglück, sondern auch Probleme, die schließlich in eine Beinahe-Katastrophe einmünden. Musical-Fassung einer Gruselfilmparodie; recht schwungvoll inszeniert, aber am Ende hin zu sehr den Spezialeffekten verpflichtet. Brauchbare Unterhaltung für Freunde des schwarzen und lauten Humors. (Quelle: Film-Dienst)

Academy Awards Nominated:
Oscar Best Effects, Visual Effects
Best Music, Original Song

70mm Blow Up List 1986 - by in70mm.com

Dinner/Imbiß - Break. Gemeinsames Essen / Buffett
Herbert Born and his staff have again done their utmost to make this weekend one of a kind. The Schauburg Cinerama is one of the last cinemas still equipped with 70mm projectors, a red curtain and a huge curved screen. An authentic cinema experience and LARGE FORMAT EVENT, uniquely Schauburg, to be shared with many friends from all over Europe.

…and now, "Gong", start projector, cue curtain, dim the lights, open dowser, focus, check sound.....the show is running.........another unforgettable weekend at the Schauburg!

20:30 - 22:24 "Lethal Weapon 2"

Original title: Lethal Weapon 2 / USA 1989. Filmed in Panavision 2,39:1. Presented in 70mm (2,21:1) / 6 track Dolby Stereo. 114 minutes / Original premiere print. World Premiere: 07.07.1989. German premiere: 27.09.1990.

Produktion: Richard Donner, Joel Silver. Regie: Richard Donner. Buch: Jeffrey Boam, Shane Black, Warren Murphy. Kamera: Stephen Goldblatt. Musik: Michael Kamen, Eric Clapton, David Sandborn. Schnitt: Stuart Baird

Darsteller: Mel Gibson (Martin Riggs), Danny Glover (Roger Murtaugh), Joe Pesci (Leo Getz), Joss Ackland (Arjen Rudd), Patsy Kensit (Rika van den Haas)

Zwei Polizisten in Los Angeles, die einen Kronzeugen der Staatsanwaltschaft schützen sollen, geraten in den Kampf gegen südafrikanische Rauschgiftschmuggler aus höchsten diplomatischen Kreisen. Überraschend unterhaltsame Fortsetzung des harten Kriminalfilms "Zwei stahlharte Profis" (1986). Die dünne Handlung wird ebenso absichts- wie wirkungsvoll aufgeputscht durch betont übertriebene Stereotype des Genres, viel Action, fabelhafte Spezialeffekte und eine gute Portion Ironie. (Quelle: Film-Dienst)

Academy Awards Nominated
Oscar Best Effects, Sound Effects Editing

70mm Blow Up List 1989 - by in70mm.com

2016 Credits. The organisers wish to thank the following individuals for their help

The Todd-AO 70mm Festival is generously supported by the Georg Fricker Stiftung
  • Vincent Koch, Projection, Preparation prints
  • Marcus Vetter, Projection
  • Tina Anderson
  • Hoepfner Privat Brau, DE
  • Der Kurier, DE
  • TNT, DE
  • Cinerama Inc
  • Dave Strohmair & John Sittig
  • Warner Brothers London / Richard Hundorf
  • Warner Brothers Germany / Ninette Christensen
  • Cordula Lau
  • Paul Rayton


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