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in70mm.com Mission:
• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen.
in70mm.com, a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

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The Birth of an Idea
By Ralph Walker
An architect had a unique conception of a building for a client at the World's Fair of 1939 in New York. That concept had a profound influence on the evolution of what became known as the entertainment wonder, Cinerama.
Finding Customers for a Product
By Lynn Farnol
The sponsors of Cinerama believed in Cinerama. They had faith that it presented a new sensation in entertainment. They believed that it was a new way of telling stories, without the old frame of the traditional motion picture.
This Cinerama Show
By Lowell Thomas
From coast to coast Cinerama has been the talk of the year. So far it has been presented in only three cities; New York, Detroit and Hollywood—with perhaps Chicago and one or two others by the time this appears in print.
Matchline Elimination
By Richard C Babish
Matchline elimination begins in the camera and continues through the film handling process to the final projection. In the camera, four possible sources of trouble exist. These are edge vignetting, or masking, edge reflection, scratching and pressure exposure.
Using the Cinerama Camera
By Harry Squire
The Cinerama camera presents problems not found in other motion picture cameras. The following material is a discussion of the features that have been observed or points of knowledge that have been gained from experience in using the camera.
Adding the Sound to Cinerama
By Hazard E. Reeves
In 1940 Fred Waller, the inventor of Cinerama, invited me to a demonstration of his new process in the Rockefeller carriage house on West 55th Street in New York. Like everyone else who saw it at that time, I was tremendously impressed with it
The Atomic Age-In CINERAMA
In the Himalayas, is the Indus River, noted for its strong and swirling currents. In the middle of these rapids, last July 20, a boat containing eight men and a three-eyed Cinerama camera suddenly capsized.
Cinerama Arrives
By William Latady
Finally, one week before opening night, installation of the Cinerama system was completed. Projectors had been aligned so that magnification of all three were equal, and the three films so positioned that they formed one image.
Cinerama Test Shots
By Lowell Thomas
We are starting off with this 35mm picture so you may the better judge of what you are now to see and her. We call it - C I N E R A M A
Sound level in the Broadway Theatre
Wentworth D Fling
Since the opening of "This is Cinerama" in the Broadway Theatre, there has been a lot of discussion about whether the sound is too loud.

Sound by
Hazard E Reeves
Sound Engineer
Richard J. Pietschman

Wentworth D Fling
Robert L. Bendick

Assistant Cameraman
Jack Priestly
Cinerama Pilot
Paul Mantz
President Cinerama Productions Corporation
Dudley Roberts Jr
Vice President Cinerama Productions Corporation
Frank M. Smith
How Cinerama got the name "Cinerama"
By Richard C Babish
Fred Waller called a meeting of all the employees and offered to award a prize of a case of champagne to the one who came up with the most appropriate name. The winner was Waldo McLaury.
mr. cinerama
By Ralph G. Martin
eye filling curved picture from three projectors and ear filling sound from multiple speakers made Cinerama seem real. Rollercoaster in this scale model gives the audience a hair-razing ride.
The Entire Development of the Cinerama Process
By Fred Waller
I'm going to tell a more or less chronological story of the entire development of the Cinerama process. It's not a short story but I'll try to keep it condensed.
How I Became A Trick Photographer
By Fred Waller
D. W. Griffith wanted a cyclone to destroy a distant Village, sweep clean a country side leaving destruction in its make and at a cross road destroy a particular Inn in a particular way. I was asked to make a cyclon and film it and quick too.
The Waller Flexible Gunnery Trainer
By Fred Waller
Before Cinerama, there was The Waller Gunnery Trainer. The Trainer was used by the U. S. Army Air Corps, U. S. Navy. and the British for the final training and retraining of machine gunners.
Cinerama Goes to War
By Fred Waller
ALTHOUGH CINERAMA had its Broadway premiere only about a year ago, that could hardly be called the first public demonstration. Years before Cinerama had been tested and approved by the U.S. Army, Air Force, the Navy and the Marines

Fred Waller's 1950 desk calendar. A fascinating account about who is visiting Cinerama and Vitarama. • Go to
Fred Waller's 1950 Diary
..in Cinerama "Renault Dauphine" Tentative shooting script
By Cinerama Inc.
The sequence must be presented in such a way that there is a humorous angle which remove it from the category of a strictly "educational" commercial film.
This is Cinerama...at the London Casino
W. G. Altria
The London Casino Theatre was selected, after an exhaustive survey, as the best available in London for the showing of Cinerama. Nevertheless, considerable difficulties had to be overcome to make it entirely suitable for the purpose.
Journey To The Stars
Darrin Scot
When THE SEATTLE WORLD FAIR opened last summer the "hit of the show" was the Spacearium featuring a new space motion picture system created and constructed by Cinerama for the Boeing Co. and the United States Science Exhibit.

"Nine Lives of Mike Todd", by Mike Todd Jr., and Susan M. Todd
"So Long until Tomorrow", by Lowell Thomas
"A Bird of Passage: The Story of My Life" by Otto Lang
"Around the World in 90 Years: Images from My Life's Journey" by Otto Lang
"Hollywood pilot;: The biography of Paul Mantz" by Don Dwiggins (Author)
The Thrill of a Lifetime
A Diary from the set of "Cinerama Holiday"
By Betty York
Even on the 12th of January, Christmas is still hanging on with trees and tinsel seen occasionally in restaurants and stores. We finally met the great man himself - De Rochemont. We were both so scared we felt like dolts and could hardly speak. After all, what can one say to a person so great as he must be to produce the fine movies which we have seen.
Betty York, A Mini Bio
By Betty York
When we [Johnny and I] separated I went to NY and successfully broke into photographic modelling and TV commercials, making good use of my SAG (film) membership which unions required. I also did freelance greeting card designs, building on the years I spent as a designer with the Hallmark Card Company in Kansas City.
California Zephyr and Cinerama Holiday
By Frank Brehm
Since its debut the California Zephyr had included among its ridership well known actors and actresses, foreign heads of state, as well as many others then in the public eye. One of those early riders was Louis de Rochemont, who proclaimed it "the finest train I have ever ridden." Because of his fond memory of that ride on the Zephyr Mr. de Rochemont invited the three railroads operating the transcontinental streamliner, to take part in his production of the second Cinerama film—"Cinerama Holiday."
Log of "Seven Wonders" in Cinerama
Richard J. Pietschmann
We were given permission to photograph and record a close-up of the Pope, and in order to get the camera close enough it was necessary to build a temporary scaffold for the camera and blimp.
Letters Sent Home
By Richard J. Pietschmann
If all goes well today with the schedule, we will leave this afternoon for Agra to do the Taj Mahal sequence.. Will be there two or three days and then expect to leave for Darjeeling

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