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in70mm.com Mission:
• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen.
in70mm.com, a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

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in70mm.com News 2008

Review of "Baraka" Blu-ray version
By Thomas Hauerslev
State-of-the-art home-video version, that does justice to the 70mm version. The 8k high resolution scanning process has revealed plenty of detail never before seen in the home. It's "70mm for the Home Screen" - a high-impact experience.
"Baraka" Fully restored for Blu-ray
By MPI Media Group
For the first time in history, a 65mm feature film camera negative would be mastered at 8192 pixels of resolution, creating a digital file in excess of an astounding 30 terabytes in size.
"Baraka" Digital Restoration
By MPI Media Group
The classic 70mm non-narrative feature has just completed a 16 month HD Restoration for its upcoming Blu-ray release 28 October 2008
The Cinerama Barn
By Paul Samuels
Ever since I saw Cinerama in 1952, I was so deeply affected by it that I only knew that I wanted it. That event sparked my interest in photography, optics and all the rest.
My First 70mm
By David Slack
It was the summer of summer 1958. I saw my first 70mm film - "South Pacific" when it played at the Gaumont Cinema,
Manchester, UK
My First 70mm
By Anna-Franziska Rudschies
The first film in 70mm I ever saw was a restored copy of “Vertigo”, in the “City Cinema” in Munich.
A film on historic scaling of Nanga Parbat
Rizwan Ehsan Ali
Renowned mountaineer Reinhold Messner has teamed up with precisionist director and producer Joseph Vilsmaier to shoot a film on Nanga Parbat yet to be named.
“West” Film Locations
By Tom March
I first encountered the Lone Pine Film Festival while travelling through Lone Pine searching out old film locations from “How the West Was Won”
"The making of" Tanakh Bibelen al-Quran
By Ole Mads Sirks Vevle
A totally new presentation, a radical shift of perspective. Instead of focusing on the literal meaning of the text, I would focus on the underlying structures that enable meaning to appear.
70mm Film in India
By K. Ramachandra Babu
Second 70mm report from India. "Of the 7 - 8 films released in 70mm I happen to be the Director of Photography for one of them"
Rick Mitchell Interview
By Ramon Lamarca
Whatever future there is for 70mm it will have to come from outside the mainstream production industry, possibly from outside the United States.

• Go to Restoration of "Lawrence of Arabia"

Go to "Lawrence of Arabia" Production information, Cast and Credit
Digital restoration of HOW THE WEST WAS WON
By Rick Mitchell
The "special screening" that ended last weekend's "The Reel Thing-XX" was a digital presentation of MGM's "How The West Was Won" scanned at 2K from original negatives, ultimately yielding a 6K image.
Amsterdam 70mm Cinema History
By Jan-Hein Bal
Du Midi was Amsterdam’s first and most successful 70mm cinema and started 70mm projection in 1960 with
"Porgy And Bess"
Restoration & New Print of "Honeymoon"
By Charles Doble
A film which is only being appreciated for reasons completely unforeseen by its creator, our unsurpassed British director Michael Powell.
Exhibitor's Toolkit: Re-awakening "dormant" 35/70mm machines
By 65/70mm Workshop
A guide to re-activate 70mm capability, using existing 35/70mm equipment currently configured for 35mm-only.
Krnov_70mm Report
By Thomas Hauerslev
They are doing a marvellous job at the Kino Mir 70 keeping the best movie experience alive by waving the 70mm flag.  

• Go to 3rd Seminar of 70mm Gallery
"Cinerama Adventure" finally on DVD
"CA" is released as part of the de-luxe DVD version of MGM's Cinerama landmarks film
"How The West Was Won"
In the Splendour of 70mm in Copenhagen
By Brian Guckian
An almost overwhelming weekend of visual and aural experience - here is the first review
All the RAMAs in the World
All readers are invited to send in their RAMAS. See the list as it grows longer and longer.
"Zhivago" Birthday Screening
By Sebastian Rosacker
Sebastian is celebrating his 55th birthday, by inviting everyone to the cinema.
How to travel to Bradford, UK
By Paul Rayton
No matter where you are coming from (unless you are already in the UK), you have to get there by air plus some kind of ground transportation.
Upgrading systems to 9-Channel [5 Stage, 3 Surround, 1 Sub]
By 65/70mm Workshop
concept for the practical application of a new 9-channel (8.1) sound format across 70mm and other theatrical exhibition platforms.

Widescreen Update - Cinemiracle
By Mike Taylor
European Capital of Culture, Liverpool, England was the host city for the Tall Ship Race, 2008. The star attraction was the "Christian Radich".
Taking a Mini View in a Maxi Way
By Kinematograph Weekely
Ron Lee, managing director of Cinerama International Releasing Organisation, invited exhibitors to see a twenty-minute mini-version of James Clavell's 70mm production of
"The Last Valley"
"The Last Valley" introduction
By Udo Heimansberg
“The Last Valley“ was first shown in German cinemas in 1971. Although it had been filmed in 70mm, only 35mm copies (Technicolor print copies!) were used to present it.
Comments about the 65/70mm Workshop
Tamir Sharif
The studies from the 65/70MM workshop have gotten my attention. I've heard of the format before, but because of my age (18), I never got the chance to see a movie in 70MM
A "Niche" Distribution Model for 65/70mm
By 65/70mm Workshop
A new distribution model for productions shot on 65mm and distributed on several formats, including IMAX, 35mm, 2K and 4K digital video, limited 70mm prints, Blu-Ray DVD and HDTV.
70mm in the Slovak Republic
Martin Leskovský
In 1975 on my 15th birthday, I saw a projection of 70mm film for the first time. Although I have had much information about widescreen technology this experience branded me until now.
70mm - “Bigger than Life” - Berlinale Retrospective 2009
By Berlin International Film Festival
By focussing on 70mm films, the Retrospective of the 59th Berlin International Film Festival will devote itself to the powerful visuals of wide-gauge film.
Walter P. Siegmund, a small bio
I was born in Bremen, Germany in 1925. We left for New York and arrived on September 13, 1930 and left immediately for Rochester, New York.
Garrett Brown meets Walter Siegmund
By Garrett Brown
Dr. Siegmund was a tall, gray-bearded, Nordic-looking fellow with a gentle professorial manner. He was completely film-savvy, in fact had developed Todd-AO.
"Faubourg 36" in 70mm in Paris, France
Breaking News!!! Breaking News!!!
New French Film Shown in Paris in 70mm. Francois CARRIN's first cell phone report "I had tears in my eyes after the film. It was Fantastic!. Beautiful!. A Wonderful Film"
70mm film projection at the “Leokino 1”
By Dietmar Zingl
The “Leokino” in Innsbruck, Austria has a curved screen and follows recommendations for a 70mm installations.
Short Stories Updated
Read about 70mm in Le Havre, 70mm Fullcoat, 80 Days, Enthusiast from Brazil and more
Large format at the Cinerama Dome
By David Strohmaier
Even if you don't get your favorite seats please come and register your vote for more large format screenings at the Dome. We need your support today!
Review: "Earthquake" in Sensurround
By Volker Hannemann
A review of the 2006 screening in Schauburg, Karlsruhe.
Georg Fricker ist tod
By Peter Kohl, Karlsruhe
Der große Karlsruher Kinomacher Georg Fricker ist tot. Er starb am vergangenen Samstag [07.06.2008] in einem Klinikum bei München. Gezeichnet von einem Schlaganfall und einem Krebsleiden konnte man ihm in den letzten Jahren noch einige Male begegnen - als unscheinbarem Gast in seinem eigenen Kino, der Schauburg.
The passing of Georg Fricker
By Peter Kohl, Karlsruhe
The great Karlsruhe cinema entrepreneur Georg Fricker is dead. He passed away last Saturday [07.06.2008] in a clinic near Munich. Though weakened by cancer and a stroke, he was still sometimes to be encountered, in his last years, as an almost anonymous member of the audiences in his own cinema, the Schauburg.
Taking In the Big Picture
By Joe Morgenstern
Having savored the movie's full grandeur way back then, I was eager for the lights to go down and the overture to begin.
"Samsara" in 65mm
By Mark Magidson and Ron Fricke
Ron Fricke will photograph in 65mm using both standard frame rates and a motion control time-lapse camera designed specifically for this project.
70mm in Copenhagen
See images from the Festival as the days goes by. Friday; Projectionists Jan and Peter are running the show
Third 70mm Seminar in the Czech Republic 2008
By Jakub Klíma
We welcome you to the third 70mm seminar in the Czeck Republic.
New magnetic sound equipment for 70mm
By Clemens Scherer
Earlier solutions for the reproduction of magnetic sound recordings were developed for new prints
Widescreen Weekend 2008
By Thomas Hauerslev
So far we have confirmed prints of "Windjammer", "This is Cinerama", "Star!", "The Sand Pebbles", "2001: A Space Odyssey", "Blade Runner", "Hamlet" and "Honeymoon
A DP70 Color Enhancer
By Dottore Buenocorso
An extremely valuable tool when you are showing older films in pink. On this machine the original Technicolor glory can be restored in a few seconds
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Remembering "Return of the Jedi"
By Mike Coate
In 1983 release, “Jedi” had the largest order of 70mm prints struck for a film release, eclipsing the record set by “The Empire Strikes Back”
Remembering "Die Hard"
By Mike Coate
“Die Hard” was released to movie theatres in 1988, in the high-quality 70-millimeter format.
A review of "The Dark Knight" in IMAX
By Ramon Lamarca Marques
Film contains several sequences shot in IMAX which hasn’t got any competitor who even approaches its quality.
25th "Brainstorm" Anniversary
By Mike Coate

Twenty-five years ago, “Brainstorm”, was released to movie theatres. Though the film was not a box-office success, it is remembered for its effective large-frame cinematography and sound design.
"Brainstorm" in 65mm
By Douglas Trumbull
"Brainstorm" was originally developed to be the first film in SHOWSCAN. There would have been 70mm 60fps prints, with the 35mm stuff skip printed to 60 from 24.
"STAR!" the new 70mm Print
By Rick Mitchell
On Friday, Sept. 5, 2008, the American Cinematheque ran Schawn Belston and company's beautifully restored new 70mm print, by Fotokem, of Robert Wise's STAR!
70mm In the Emerald Isle
By Brian Guckian
IFI Cinemas' Pete Walsh reports that screenings of "Lawrence of Arabia" and "Vertigo" in70mm DTS went extremely well.
4th Todd-AO Festival
By Thomas Hauerslev
70mm film festival in the  Schauburg Kino in Karlsruhe
3-5 October 2008. 70mm films presented on the huge curved screen in all their screen splendour.
Todd-AO Festival introductions
By Wolfram Hannemann
The meaning of life is 70mm wide and has 6 track stereophonic sound! And obviously I am not the only one who is thinking so – just look at this amazing audience!
"How the West Was Shown"
By Paul Rayton
Paul has very kindly taken a few shots of Sunday's event at the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood.
On Location in Paris with ARRI 765
By Veit Helmer
The 765 looks and runs like any 35mm camera. Even the exterior of the 765 is hardly different from a 35mm camera.
"We Fight To Be Free"
By Kodak's InCamera Magazine
Van Oostrum filmed battles and scenic backgrounds in 65mm format in order to capture a naturalistic feeling of depth and dimension
"As Good as it Gets"- Demonstrates power of large format
By Kodak's InCamera Magazine
Bill Bennett, ASC traces the origins of the short film to a conversation that he had with ARRI Group Managing Director Franz Kraus
Vistamorph Update
By Chris O'Kane
The plan is to shoot in Vistamorph format and produce prints in 35mm, 70mm print and digital.
Morten Skallerud visits in70mm.com
By Thomas Hauerslev
Morten was in Copenhagen on official film restoration business when he visited the in70mm.com head quarter
Report on the 65/70mm Workshop March 2008
By 65/70mm Workshop
Key themes around quality control in the cinema and the need for cinema to offer an experience far surpassing that increasingly available in the home.
"Khartoum" in Ultra Panavision 70
By Rick Mitchell
A new 70mm print, of one of only nine films shot in this widest of formats, was shown at the American Cinematheque's Egyptian Theater 18. May 2008
In Technicolor, CinemaScope & stereophonischen Magnet-Ton
By Herbert Born
1. Widescreen-Weekend in der Schauburg. CinemaScope mit dem 4-Kanal-Magnet Raumton in den schönsten Technicolor-Farben.
Charlton Heston
By Rick Mitchell
If there was one actor who symbolized the 70mm roadshow era of the Fifties and Sixties, it was Charlton Heston.
Guide to biobooking.dk
By Søren Søndergaard
The easiest way to get 70mm film tickets in Copenhagen is by telephoning BioBooking or buy online. So here's a guide in English.
8 Great Films 1 Great Cinema
The grand Imperial Bio in downtown Copenhagen is hosting a 5-day program of the majestic 70mm film format.

Go to Imperial Bio, Copenhagen, Denmark
STAR! Turn In Liverpool
By Mike Taylor
The week before "STAR!" was due to open - the G.K.21 projectors were dismantled and moved to the rear of the projection room on the Saturday night, while at the same time, the DP70s in the Odeon were being dismantled and carried over a busy road in pieces to the Gaumont and rebuilt.
Time To Wake The Sleeping Giant - Take 2
By 65/70mm Workshop
Keeping the theme of "Waking the Sleeping Giant" well to the fore, let us look at this from the Exhibitor’s point of view. Three main questions often spring to mind.
"Doctor Zhivago" at the Royal - the Gallery
By Thomas Hauerslev
See some highlights from Saturday's screening of "Doctor Zhivago" in Malmø, Sweden

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in70mm.com News 2008

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